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Preference Information
Colorado (CO)
Colorado law mandates that resident bidders be given a preference over non-resident bidders equal to the preference given by the state in which the non-resident bidder is a resident, i.e., if a non-resident bidder is 4% lower than the resident bidder but the state of residence of the non-resident bidder awards a 5% preference to in-state resident bidders, then the Colorado bidder becomes the lowest bidder by 1%.  In the event of a tie, preference is given to the Colorado bidder.

Colorado Procurement Code & Rules:


       (a)  No provision is made in this Code for preferences or set asides for minority-              
             owned or women-owned businesses.

       (b)  In the event tie low bids are received in response to solicitations for bids
             for commodities, pursuant to §24-103-202 C.R.S., preference is given to the 
             resident bidder, pursuant to §§24-103-202.5 and 8-18-101 C.R.S. 

Colorado Revised Statutes ​(C.R.S)

Bid Preference - state contracts

(1)   (a)  Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this subsection (1) and in section 
             8-8-103, when a contract for commodities or services is to be awarded to a
             bidder, a resident bidder as defined in section 8-19-102 (2) shall be allowed a 
             preference against a nonresident bidder equal to the preference given or 
             required by the state in which the nonresident bidder is a resident.

       (b)  Notwithstanding paragraph (a) of this subsection (1), when an invitation for 
             bids for a contract for the purchase of commodities results in a low tie bid, 
             as defined in section 24-103-101, C.R.S., the provisions of section 
             24-103-202.5, C.R.S. apply.

       (c)  For the purposes of this subsection (1), "commodities" includes supplies as 
             defined in section 24-101-301 (22), C.R.S.   


(2)    If it is determined by the officer responsible for awarding the bid that compliance with 
        this section may cause denial of federal moneys which would otherwise be available or
        would otherwise be inconsistent with requirements of federal law, this section shall be
        suspended, but only to the extent necessary to prevent denial of the moneys or to
        eliminate the inconsistency with federal requirements.

(3)    This section applies to contracts governed by the procurement code in articles 101-112
        of title 24, C.R.S.     



Low tie bids
- award procedure and
determination - bid preference

(1)    If low tie bids are received in response to an invitation for bids for a supply contract, 
        the following procedures are required:

       (a)  If the low tie bids are from a resident bidder and a nonresident bidder, the
             resident bidder shall be given preference over the nonresident bidder;

       (b)  If the low tie bids are from resident bidders, the procurement officer shall:

             (I)  Use a fair and reasonable procedure for determining which bidder
                   receives the contract award that at a minimum provides for the
                   presence, at the time and place the determination is made, of the
                   bidders or the bidders' representatives and an impartial witness
                   designated by the prominent officer who is not an employee of that 
                   procurement officer's agency; and 

             (II) Give the bidders at least five business days' written notice by certified
                   mail of the date the determination will be made, of the procedure for
                   making the determination, and that the bidders or the bidders' 
                   representatives may be present when the determination is made;

        (c)  If the low tie bids are only from nonresident bidders, the procurement officer
              shall follow the procedures in subparagraphs (I) and (II) of paragraph (b) of
              this subsection (1);

        (d)  All other applicable provisions of the code that are not inconsistent with this
              section shall be followed.

 (2)   If the procurement officer determines that compliance with this section will cause
        denial of federal moneys that would otherwise be available or would otherwise be
        inconsistent with federal law, this section shall be suspended, but only to the extent
        necessary to prevent denial of the moneys or to eliminate the inconsistency with
        federal law.