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DAS Procurement Services
General Services Building
1225 Ferry Street
Salem, OR 97301-4285
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Contact information: 
      Email: EGSPSCustomerCare@oregon.gov
      Phone: (503)378-4642
      Fax: (503)373-1626

Hours of operation 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


ORPIN Help Desk  
     Phone: (503)373-1774  Please leave a message. Messages are monitored regularly and someone will return your call!     
     Email: info.orpin@oregon.gov


DAS Procurement Policy
Executive Building
155 Cottage Street NE
Salem, OR 97301-3965

Contact information:
     Phone: (503)378-3529
     Fax: (503)373-1626

Hours of operation 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Procurement Services (PS)

State Procurement Services Manager

Debbie Dennis
Contact information: 
     Phone:  (503)378-2631
     Email: Debbie.Dennis@oregon.gov

Administrative Support

Gwen Sunken(503)378-4697gwendolyn.sunken@oregon.gov
Nancy Doll(503)378-5384nancy.doll@oregon.gov
Nora Stanfield(503)373-4092nora.stanfield@oregon.gov

Provides overall Administrative and Management Support for all of Procurement Services and the following Business Centers:

Special Projects

Jana Hart(503)378-3900jana.hart@oregon.gov
Deb Scott(503)378-5789deb.scott@oregon.gov

Statewide Outreach

Adam Helvey(503)373-2106adam.l.helvey@oregon.gov
Kelly Stevens-Malnar(503)378-3976kelly.a.stevens-malnar@oregon.gov

Strategic Implementation

Carol Goodwin-Scott(503)378-4684carol.goodwin@oregon.gov


PS Business Center Managers
Ginny Beckwith
Contact information:
     Phone: (503)378-4639
     Email: Ginny.beckwith@oregon.gov
Procurement & Contracts Assistant
Shelley Chamberlin(503)378-4644rochelle.chamberlin@oregon.gov
Provides Administrative and Management Support for the following Business Centers:
Workplace Supplies & Services
Procurement focus on Dental, Environment, Laboratory Services & Equipment, Mailing Equipment, Medical Services & Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Police Equipment, Supplies & Services and Janitorial Supplies.
Bob Shike(503)373-0763robert.shike@oregon.gov
Kim Hankins(503)378-4137kim.hankins@oregon.gov
Pam Johnson(503)378-4731pam.johnson@oregon.gov
Information Technology
Procurement focus on Audio/Video, Copiers, Hardware, SaaS, Services, Software and Telecom.
John Anglemier(503)373-4650john.anglemier@oregon.gov
Keri Ashford(503)378-4680keri.a.ashford@oregon.gov
Kimberly Leeker(503)378-4297kimberly.leeker@oregon.gov
Lori Nordlien(503)378-6781lori.nordlien@oregon.gov
Stefani Brewster(503)373-0384stefani.brewster@oregon.gov
Toby Giddings(503)378-5345toby.giddings@oregon.gov
Business Technology and Support
Technology support for the e-procurement system in state government, or "ORPIN", is administered and supported in this department. 
Nicole Brazeal(503)373-1774info.orpin@oregon.gov
Vicki Simonsen(503)373-1774info.orpin@oregon.gov


Kelly Mix
Contact information:
     Phone: (503)378-2998
     Email: kelly.mix@oregon.gov
Procurement & Contracts Assistant
Bethany Wachtler(503)373-0809bethany.j.wachtler@oregon.gov
Provides Administration and Management Support for the following Business Centers:
Business Services
Procurement focus on Auditing, Consultation, Contract Printing, Exam Certification, Facilitation, Interpretation / Translation ; Transcription, Legal Services, Marketing, Staffing and Training.
Dion Kerle'e(503)378-2816dion.kerlee@oregon.gov
Jennifer Jolley(503)373-0388jennifer.jolley@oregon.gov
Josh Rogers(503)373-7255joshua.rogers@oregon.gov
Laura Barna(503)378-2468laura.barna@oregon.gov
Rena Sawyer(503)378-2272rena.sawyer@oregon.gov
Rich Stocks(503)373-1304rich.stocks@oregon.gov
Ufemia Castaneda(503)378-4647ufemia.castaneda@oregon.gov

Asset Management

Procurement focus on Asset Movement / Storage, Asset Sales, Disaster Recovery / BCP, Disposal, Financial, Information Security, Real Estate and Space Rental / Lease, Travel Agreements.

Josh Hardage(503)378-5396josh.hardage@oregon.gov
Kaliska King(503)378-5332kaliska.king@oregon.gov
Tim Jenks(503)378-4778tim.jenks@oregon.gov

Research & Analysis

Research and analysis of government spending is conducted by this team.

Daniel McKay(503)378-5521daniel.mckay@oregon.gov
Laurent Beauregard(503)378-6546laurent.beauregard@oregon.gov

Procurement Resources

Procurement Resources team creates, monitors and updates guidance documents (templates, forms, manuals, procedures, etc.) for both Statewide and DAS only initiatives.

Karen Quinton(503)378-4811karen.quinton@oregon.gov
Kari Frey(503)378-3977kari.frey@oregon.gov


Darwin Kumpula
Contact information: 
     Phone: (503) 378-5383
     Email: Darwin.kumpula@oregon.gov
Procurement & Contracts Assistant
Carol Standley(503)373-0975carol.s.standley@oregon.gov
Julie Saunders(503)378-2497Julie.a.Saunders@oregon.gov
Provides Administration and Management Support for the following Business Centers:
Construction & Facilities
Procurement focus on Building Maintenance, Building Repair, Construction, Electrical, Facilities, Fire / Security, HVAC, Janitorial Services, Landscaping, Plumbing and Signage.
Blake Schwabauer(503)373-2340blake.j.schwabauer@oregon.gov
Mary Mattison(503)378-4648mary.mattison@oregon.gov
Paul Lucas(503)373-7166paul.a.lucas@oregon.gov
Sharon Martin(503)373-0767sharon.z.martin@oregon.gov
Shirley Smith(503)378-5395shirley.smith@oregon.gov
Training administers numerous certification curriculums and procurement related continuing education programs.
Dustin Sculatti(503)378-2048dustin.m.sculatti@oregon.gov
Sandi Kalin(503)378-4721sandra.l.kalin@oregon.gov
Travel & Hospitality 
Lori Doke(503)373-1566lori.doke@oregon.gov
Gail L. Carter(503)378-5501gail.l.carter@oregon.gov
Vehicles & Transportation
Procurement focus on Auto related equipment, Fleet rental / lease, Fuel, Lubricants, etc., Restaurant Equipment, Paint and Vehicles. 
Dave Reynolds(503)378-4643david.reynolds@oregon.gov
Kelly Blanchard(503)378-6602Kelly.L.Blanchard@oregon.gov
Rachel Smith(503)373-1058rachel.r.smith@oregon.gov

 Procurement Policy

DAS Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)

Dianne Lancaster
Contact information: 
     Phone: (503)378-3529
     Email: dianne.lancaster@oregon.gov
The State Procurement Policy office carries out these roles:
  1. Ensures effective implementation of procurement statutes, rules and policies (law and policies);
  2. Provides to the Governor, Legislature, and state agencies objective, accurate procurement information and recommendations;
  3. Exercises procurement authorities delegated from the DAS Director and delegates authorities;
  4. Establishes procurement performance standards, strategies, and practices for state government;
  5. Develops compliance standards for statewide procurement activities subject to DAS authority;
  6. Monitors the functioning of law and policies from the standpoint of broader government policies;
  7. Fulfills DAS duties under ORS 279.845.  Products and Services of Individuals with Disabilities Law;
  8. Promotes capacity-building of procurement professionals like other professionals in civil services; and
  9. Provides leadership and support in statewide, local, and national procurement-related initiatives.

QRF Program

Darvin Pierce                     (503)378-4690                  darvin.pierce@oregon.gov


Jay Jackson                      (503)378-4652                  jay.jackson@oregon.gov

Delegations & Special Procurements

Karen Hartley                    (503)378-4645                 karen.hartley@oregon.gov


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