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Cost Analysis or Feasibility Determination (HB 2867)

Before conducting a Procurement for certain Services exceeding $250,000, an Authorized Agency may be required to complete a written Cost Analysis under OAR 125-247-0110.  Architectural et al. and Client Services are excluded.

The following is a form to help Agencies summarize their determinations and evaluations:

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Purchase Order

The Procurement Services office approves this computer-generated Purchase Order Form for those Agencies who are set up to print this Form on blank paper.
The following Purchase Order documents have been revised, approved by DOJ:
The Procurement Services office also approves the use of the pre-printed Purchase Order Form # G3-109030SFMS, produced by the Print Shop (SFMS pre-printed Form).  To obtain this approved SFMS pre-printed Form, please contact the Print Shop by telephone at (503) 373-1772. 

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Personal/Trade Services

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Personal Services

The Procurement Services office approves Agencies' use of the Personal/Professional Services Contract form revised December 28, 2008, pursuant to OAR 125-246-0345(2), only when the Personal/Professional Contract form was attached to a solicitation that was advertised on or before June 30, 2009.   
The Procurement Services office approves Agencies' use of the following Personal/Professional Services Contract Amendment form pursuant to OAR 125-246-0345(2), for contracts that were in place prior to June 19, 2009 using the Procurement Services office approved Personal/Professional Services Contract form.
The Procurement Services office approves Agencies’ use of the following alternative form for client services not more than $75,000, pursuant to OAR 125-246-0345(2) and 125-247-0288(1)(f).  Because the total value must be not more than $75,000, legal sufficiency review is not required and this form has not been reviewed or approved by the Department of Justice.

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Information Technology

Click on the following page links for information about Information Technology, including forms and templates:
(This document is provided to give some quick how-to-use tips for the updated IT Terms and Conditions. We recommend first reading the IT Terms and Conditions document for the type of project you are working on and then referring to this document for guidance. We are interested in any feedback, questions, or suggestions that will make this document more useful)
Services(Use when you are contracting for a combination of hardware, software, and services)
Hardware(Use when you are contracting for hardware only or hardware and minor service)
Software(Use when you are contracting for software only or software and minor services)
Consulting (Use when you are using consulting services)
Maintenance Rider (Use with Contractor's Maintenance Terms and Conditions)
Software Rider (Use with Contractor's Software Terms and Conditions)
Exhibit B - Insurance
PC Hardware / PC Peripherals Performance Form


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Public Improvement

Form for Supplemental General Terms and Conditions

Public Improvement A/B Form

Invitation to Bid Template 

AGENCY NOTE:  Effective 11/20/2014, this ITB template has been reviewed by DOJ and is approved for use under the DAS class exemption from legal sufficiency review for competitively bid public improvement contracts under $3,000,000.

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Architectural, Engineering, and Land Surveying and Related Services (A & E)


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