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Time to choose and do your 2 HEM health actions
With Open Enrollment scheduled for October, now's a good time to choose and do your two health actions for 2014 HEM. You simply answer " yes" or "no" when asked about your health actions during Open Enrollment. If you're still considering what to choose, try the "learn more" link below, and read the items that follow this one.
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Join a team for fun and better health
Working with a team can up your interest, spirits and accomplishments. That's one great aspect of Healthy Team Health U, a 12-week, team-based wellness program you can do at work or home. The program covers a range of actions for healthier eating, more physical activity and even better sleep. Sign up to start a team or join an existing group. Or be your own team! Learn how it works for PEBB member Tom in this testimonial and PEBB member Linda in this testimonial.
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Retrain your brain
Learn new techniques to help change your thinking. MoodHelper provides step-by-step training in skills for dealing with depression. Doing more fun activities has also been shown to improve your mood. Moodhelper provides personalized feedback that analyzes how your daily activities affect your mood. With Moodhelper, you keep track of your progress over time to learn what triggers your mood changes and where to make adjustments. It's private, secure and available whenever and wherever you want to engage online.  (Sign up with code PEBB227.)
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It's easier than ever to get your gym membership subsidy
If membership cost is keeping you from joining an exercise facility, ExerciseRewards just lowered the barrier. This PEBB program helps cover your membership cost when you use a facility at least 12 times per month. If your facility doesn’t submit session data electronically, you can now send your monthly documentation to Exercise Rewards by email rather than snail mail. Plus, you’ll receive automatic confirmation of receipt.
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View HBO: Addiction videos
Live longer and healthier
Kaiser Permanente's Dr. Robert Sallis will inspire you to get moving and have fun.
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View video: 23 and ½ hours 23 and ½ hours
Dr. Mike Evans explains the single most effective prescription for better health – and a longer life. View video ››