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News and Events

A Variety of Ways to Learn

PEBB and our partners offer a variety of ways to learn about your benefits. Our goal is to help you improve your health and wellbeing

  • Learning and Events - join webinars, ask questions, watch videos, participate in challenges, and learn about your benefits.
  • PEBB's Newsletter - articles span all health areas (physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, and more). We'll teach you about specific PEBB benefits, and share Board activity updates. 

There's something for everyone! Explore the options below. Let us know if there's a topic you'd like us to feature! 

Current Learning and Events

Schedule updated around the 1st of each month

Learning and Events 

Current Newsletter

Newsletter updated around the 1st of each month

Take charge of your health care

What if you shopped for health care the same way you looked for a new car? You might search online reviews, compare prices, and ask about track records. Then, you’d choose the option that gives you the biggest value. 

Quality health care offers more than just value. It can improve your long-term wellbeing, provide a better experience, and lower your risk of complications.

Learn about:
  • Being in the health care driver’s seat
  • Choosing the right provider for you
  • Evaluating a new provider
  • Using your health plan’s website to find quality providers
  • Deciding between urgent, emergency, office, or virtual care options
Download the July Newsletter and Learning & Events Schedule. Can't make the date/time? Register anyway to get the recording. 


Past Newsletters

Want to revisit an article or catch up on a month you missed? Click the date below to download that newsletter.

June 2024

A wide variety of things can impact your health. In this edition, we share tips from our benefit partners to help you take better care of your body, feelings, and finances. Learn about:

  • Fun and easy ways to live your healthiest life
  • How to boost your financial wellbeing
  • Where to get help paying for the basics
  • How to grow healthy food on your patio

May 2024
The challenges of life can have a negative impact on our mental wellbeing. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This mont, learn some general strategies and resources to help improve your mental health, including:

  • Health benefits of being happy
  • Understanding and managing anxiety
  • Understanding depression
  • Ten ways to manage stress
  • Healthy ways to handle conflict

April 2024
Humans are social creatures. Connecting with others is important for our wellbeing. Making and maintaining good relationships
with others can improve our health and help us live longer, happier lives. Learn about:

  • How social connections improve your health
  • Making friends as an adult
  • Men need friends too, six friend making tips that work
  • Connecting with friends that live far away
  • Signs you're in a healthy relationship

March 2024

Knowledge is power. The second edition of the neurodiversity series, Brain Matters, focuses on empowerment. Support yourself and others. Learn about:

  • Making transitions easier
  • Learning to use emotional co-regulation
  • Adjusting the physical work setting
  • How managers/supervisors can help

February 2024
Different brains work differently. The first edition of the neurodiversity series, Brain Matters, introduces the concept of neurodiversity. In this issue, you can explore:

  • What it means to be neurodivergent
  • Diversity in the way people think
  • Neurodivergent superpowers
  • Mental health

January 2024
Take advantage of the wellness benefits available to you as a PEBB member. You’ll save money and feel better! In this issue, you can explore:
  • Great ways to improve your wellbeing through PEBB
  • Walk With Ease program — provides education and motivation for safely exercising
  • Support eye health with a rainbow bowl
  • PEBB at your service

December 2023
In this edition, learn how to better protect yourself and your family. But how clean is clean? And is a flu shot right for you?
Cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting: Which one is best?

  • Six facts about household cleaners
  • Flu vaccine: Should you get one?
  • Simple ways to boost your immune system
  • How safe are cleaning products?
Plus, meet PEBB Board member Emily Wang.

November 2023

In this issue, find valuable information to put more money in your pocket and finish the year financially strong.
  • Seven tips to improve your financial wellbeing in 2023
  • Make the most of your charitable donations
  • Are you missing some money?
  • Save on food costs
  • Get help paying off your student loans
Plus, see how the PEBB Board has already started the process for creating a benefits package for 2025.

September & October 2023

Open Enrollment for benefits was October 1 - 31. Read about the changes for 2024. 

July 2023

In this issue, learn simple ways to stay healthy--naturally. 

  • Boost your health with nutrient-rich foods
  • Protect your gut by eating colorful foods and fiber
  • Nine ways to turn household tasks into a workout
  • Improve your work set-up to feel better
Plus, check out the new online peer-to-peer support service.