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As a PEBB member, you have support to help you achieve your health goals. Health coaches, online and self-guided programs, webinars, and more! There is something for everyone!

Breathing affects all our body systems. Even sleep, memory, energy levels and concentration can be improved by breathing properly. When we breathe well, we create the best conditions for health and wellbeing. In partnership with WebMD these webinars are an introduction to the fascinating and powerful nature of something we do every day- often without thinking. Webinars will be recorded and can be watched individually or in any sequence. 

Session 1: Title: The Anatomy and Physiology of Breath 
Presented by Laura Jacobson MScN from WebMD Health Services 
Breathing is the most essential part of life, yet we do it without even thinking about it. There are many parts of the body that play a role in breathing, not just your lungs. Join this webinar to find out the details of what happens when you take a breath.

Participants will:
  • Learn the anatomy and physiology of the nose, sinuses, palate, lungs, and diaphragm
  • Learn the physiology of breathing
  • Learn about oxygenating your body
  • Learn about respiratory conditions
  • Participate in a guided meditation

Click here to watch this recording

Session 2: Strengthening the Breath 
Presented by Theresa Cross MS RDN, PEBB Wellness Manager 
Several sets of muscles work to bring air into our bodies. Like other muscles, they can become chronically tight and shortened, can weaken and have poor tone, and not work well to do what they were meant: to bring in oxygen and help regulate the amount of 
carbon dioxide in our bodies.  
Participants will:
         Learn the primary and secondary breathing muscles and their functions
         Learn the benefits of breathing deeply using all the breathing muscles
         Be shown ways to strengthen breathing muscles and have an opportunity to                              practice different breathing techniques.

Session 3: Improving Health through Breathing 
Presented by Deanna Reiter MA, Co-founder/Director, Qi Breathing.

How we breathe is connected to our health. Discover how some common diseases are improved through better breathing. Learn simple techniques to enhance the quality of your health.   

Participants will: 

  • Learn how improved respiration influences common diseases
  • Practice different breathing techniques that can be used daily to enhance your health
  • Experience a guided relaxation exercise to relax and release tension
Click here to watch this recording
Webinar Breathing Exercises Handout       

Community Advantage Program 

Your Housing Support benefit can provide you with financial education, resources, significant savings when buying, selling, or refinancing a home, and access to non-commissioned advisors who can guide you every step of the way. 
The housing support program has a long-term commitment to increasing homeownership and wealth opportunities for underserved communities through promoting and expanding education and affordable home-buying options. Click here to learn more!

Cultivating a Gratitude Mindset

A healthy mindset is part of a healthy lifestyle practice. However, life can throw some serious curve balls!  In this webinar, we'll learn how to flex positive mindset muscles using tools such as gratitude, mindfulness, and compassion. 
Date: November 3, 2021  Time: 10:00 AM (PDT)

Ready to Get Out and Get Moving Again?

The Oregon Tourism Commission, dba Travel Oregon, works to enhance visitors’ experiences by providing information, resources and trip planning tools that inspire travel and consistently convey the exceptional quality of Oregon. The commission aims to improve Oregonians’ quality of life by strengthening the economic impacts of the state’s $12.3 billion tourism industry that employs more than 115,000 Oregonians.

For more information about Travel Oregon and its programs, please visit:

Our Welcome Center Travel Advisors love the place they call home and are well-versed in travel tips and recommendations about things to do and places to see across the state. Stop by a center for personalized travel information, tailored just for you.

Oregon Welcome Centers in Ashland, Seaside and the Portland International Airport (PDX) are open. Expert Travel Advisors are ready to help you understand state public health guidelines and safe travel practices. All other center locations are closed until further notice. Visitors may call 1.800.547.7842 to request travel information, including Welcome Center status and hours of operation, or submit travel questions to Ask OregonDon't forget your mask while traveling!

It Starts with Me

Accelerating state agency employee wellness through systems and organizational change is a 6-part webinar series offered in 2019 and 2020 for state agency wellness coordinators and wellness committees.

Link to Oregon's Positivity Project website

  1. Healthy Workplaces -
  2. Healthy Workplaces -
  3. Engaging People -  
  4. Employee Wellness -  
  5. Accelerate Employee Wellness -
  6. Planning Success -

See OHA's 2020-2022 Wellness plan guidance here.

2019 State Employee Wellness Survey Statewide results.

Orientation to Cascade Centers - Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Learn about this free and confidential service for you and your eligible family members to get help for a wide range of personal problems.
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To Access Cascade Centers EAP:

  1. Go to your Cascade Centers account
  2. Click ‘Member Log-In’ (or sign-up if needed)
  3. Register as a new user
  4. Enter State of Oregon as your 'Company'
  5. Once logged in, select the 'Webinar Center' tile
  6. Under 'Webinars On-Demand' select 'CLICK HERE'

    Upcoming Events

    Avoiding Holiday Shopping Fraud
    In this webinar, our Fraud Resolution Specialist will discuss how to prevent fraudsters from using your holiday shopping to their benefit.
    Date: November 10, 2021  

    Buying Your First Investment Property
    Purchasing your first real estate investment is a big decision. This webinar will bring an overview of the different types of investment properties and the buying & financing process.
    Date: November 17, 2021  Time: 8:30 AM (PST)

    Member Site on-demand webinar: 

    Reclaim Your Joy
    Children experience joy on a regular basis. But when we become adults, time pressures and competing demands can make joy seem like a foreign concept. However, it's essential to overall well-being that we make time for it. This fun, engaging seminar will help you tune in to what's most important and make a simple plan for incorporating more joy into your daily routine.
    Log into the member site to view the webinar.

    Upcoming webinars in December  
    • Drug and Alcohol Awareness: Supporting Ourselves and Others
    • Home Inspections & Appraisals
    • Improving Your Credit Score for Purchasing a Home
    • 10 Steps to Financial Success
    • How to Have Difficult & Sensitive Conversations

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    ​​State and University employees are state government’s most valuable resource. Your health and well-being positively influences your ability to be productive and feel engaged in your work, to care for your family, and to do the things that bring you satisfaction.

    You have an abundance of resources available to support you on your journey to health and well-being. Now, in addition to comprehensive benefits provided by PEBB, the state is taking steps to provide a supportive foundation to promote health and wellness where you work. 

    Signed by the Governor in 2017, the Executive Order on State Agency Employee Wellness puts in place two main structures aimed at supporting state agency employee health and well-being:

    1. A Wellness Manager tasked with: 
      • Assisting state agencies to develop and implement agency wellness plans aimed at assessing and improving employee health, and 
      • Supporting agency wellness coordinators with training and technical assistance on workplace wellness.
    2. A coordinating council entitled PEBB Member Advisory Committee or PMAC: 
      • Provide guidance to state agencies, PEBB and the Governor’s Office on evidence-based worksite wellness.
      • Recommend statewide policies to DAS that support agency health and wellness.
    To learn more about what's happening in your area that supports your health and well-being at work, contact​ Theresa Cross.

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