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As a PEBB member, you have support to help you achieve your health goals. Health coaches, online and self-guided programs, webinars, and more! There is something for everyone!

Holiday Stress During COVID-19

This year has been challenging for everyone, and as we move into the holiday season it can create added stress and anxiety. Whether you are unable to spend time with loved ones due to social distancing, have added financial burdens, or are unable to celebrate holiday activities in the same way as before, there are many reasons that this time of year is particularly difficult. This webinar will focus on strategies to help cope with the holiday season and improve mental and emotional resilience.

Want to register for WholeLife Directions? Please click here for step by step instructions on how to register.

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Cascade Centers understands the challenges when caring for others and recognizes that you may need additional support during these challenging times. We offer free and confidential services to support you and your family members during all phases of life.

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Wildfires and Trauma Response

Wildfires can be particularly stressful because the factors that influence their strength and direction can change at any moment. It is common for people who have lived through these circumstances to experience strong emotions. This webinar helps participants understand normal responses to these abnormal events.  Tips are presented to help you cope effectively with your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors related to this significant stressor.

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Your Debt-Free Game Plan

Debt is one of the biggest obstacles keeping Americans from reaching financial goals, so this class encourages you to prioritize debt management. But it doesn't stop there! We'll also go over specific debt reduction strategies and help you choose one that you can sustain. We will also review how to write and follow SMART goals, so you can leave this class motivated and empowered to reduce your debt.

Date: Thursday, November 19th, 2020 
Time: This webinar is presented at 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM Please choose your preferred time on the registration page.

What Is a Brain Break?

A brain break in its simplest form is a moment of relaxation for your brain. There are many activities that quiet your brain down. Meditation is a popular example. However, other possible activities include progressive 

muscle relaxation, deep breathing, or guided imagery.

Anything that is calming and allows you to focus on just the activity can be

 a great start. Repetitive actions such as coloring (don't knock it until you try it!), woodworking, playing an instrument, and gardening can all be excellent brain break opportunities.

If you need some tips for busting stress and taking a breather, check out the new Beyond Well podcast series available here in the wellness portal's Resources tab.

Gain a healthy habit that you can practice anytime, anywhere!

Here's How the Brain Break

Challenge Works

  • Aim to get 3 minutes of any mindful activity for 12 days from October 22 to November 19, and;
  • Record your progress on StayWell's (part of Healthy Team Healthy U) wellness portal within the Challenges tab by November 19, or;
  • Download the My StayWell app to track on the go. It's available on the App Store or Google Play, and;

How Stress Affects You

Stress affects your mental and physical health.

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Upcoming Events

Resilience and Mental Flexibility
originally October 9, 2020
This live, one-hour webinar will focus on helping us develop coping and adaptation skills for living in these challenging times.

Orientation to Cascade Centers
originally aired October 15
Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Learn about this free and confidential service for you and your family members to get help for a wide range of personal problems.

Stress 101 and Brain Break Challenge
originally aired October 21, 2020
StayWell will be launching their “Brain Break” Challenge for registered program participants to coincide with this webinar, so they will include info for those interested in how to enroll/participate in the challenge.

Log into your Cascade Centers account and click on Webinar Center. You can also or visit Cascade Centers YouTube channel.

    Wellness Series

    Be the change you want to see

    Accelerating state agency employee wellness through systems and organizational change is a 6-part webinar series offered in 2019 and 2020 for state agency wellness coordinators and wellness committees.

    1 - Healthy Workplaces

    2 - Healthy Workplaces

    3 - Engaging People  

    4 - Accelerate Employee Wellness  

    5 - Accelerate Employee Wellness

    6 - Planning Success

    See OHA's 2020-2022 Wellness plan guidance here.

    2019 State Employee Wellness Survey Statewide results.

    All PEBB Wellness Programs

    See all of the Wellness programs provided through PEBB. Every Wellness 'perk' centralized and at your finger tips. Making access to Wellness easier for our members.

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    ​​State and University employees are state government’s most valuable resource. Your health and well-being positively influences your ability to be productive and feel engaged in your work, to care for your family, and to do the things that bring you satisfaction.

    You have an abundance of resources available to support you on your journey to health and well-being. Now, in addition to comprehensive benefits provided by PEBB, the state is taking steps to provide a supportive foundation to promote health and wellness where you work. 

    Signed by the Governor in 2017, the Executive Order on State Agency Employee Wellness puts in place two main structures aimed at supporting state agency employee health and well-being:

    1. A Wellness Manager is tasked with: 
    • Assisting state agencies to develop and implement agency wellness plans aimed at assessing and improving employee health, and 
    • Supporting agency wellness coordinators with training and technical assistance on workplace wellness.
    2. A Coordinating Council to: 
    • Provide guidance to state agencies, PEBB and the Governor’s Office on evidence-based worksite wellness.
    • Recommend statewide policies to DAS that support agency health and wellness.
    To learn more about what is happening to support your health and well-being at work, contact your agency’s wellness committee.​

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