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Health Engagement Model

Health Assessments

HEM enrollment is closedNo corrections, No exceptions!
  • PEBB will receive a file from each carrier (Kaiser, Moda, Providence) after November 1, that lets PEBB know if the member completed their Health Assessment.
    • If PEBB is told by the carrier that you did not complete your Health Assessment, but you have a copy of your Certificate of Completion, you may file an Appeal.
      • Please visit the Forms page to find the Appeal Form. You MUST have a copy of your HEM Certificate of Completion to attach to your Appeal Form.
  • New employees hired after October 1, will not be eligible to participate in HEM until the following Open Enrollment (2021).
    • New employees that are not eligible for HEM will not be placed in the higher deductible plan, but will not receive the $17.50 HEM Incentive.


What are Health Actions?

​Health actions are two actions you, as a HEM participant, choose and do for better health. You agree to doing two health actions when you signed up for the HEM Incentive Program and that you will complete them by the next Open Enrollment. (October 1-31)

What Health Actions do I have to do?

You choose your own health actions. Pick two that meet your personal health goals.

Do I have to *track* my health actions?

No. You don't have to track your health actions.

Do I have to *report* my health actions?

No. You don't have to report your health actions - to PEBB or anyone else. When you enroll during the next Open Enrollment, you will be asked if you completed two health actions as part of HEM participation; you answer yes or no.

Should my spouse or dependents take part in HEM?

As a life style choice? Absolutely! As a requirement of the PEBB Health Engagement Model? No. HEM is only for employees.​

Does PEBB see my Health Assessment results?

No, PEBB may need a copy of your Certificate of Completion, but PEBB does not see, ask for, or store any information you enter into your Health Assessment.​

Examples of healthy actions?

Remember, HEM program has no required health actions. The following are only examples of health actions. Members may choose based on their own health needs!

Choose an Active and Low Stress Commute with GetThere

Get There Challenge Oct. 7-21​

  • Join the annual challenge and make your commute easier, cheaper and healthier! --Sponsored by ODOT.
  • Sign up or log in at
  • Fewer cars, more friends - it's easier with GetThere. Carpool, vanpool, ride transit, bike, walk, or telework to make your trips greener, and friendlier! 

Healthy body

Improving emotional health and managing stress

  • Learn How to Manage Stress to feel better and be healthier.
  • Cascade Centers EAP has online assessments. View a webinar, take an online course, or talk to an EAP counselor about ways to manage stress, learn resiliency skills, etc. These each count as a health action.

Preventing illness

Getting enough physical activity and rest

  • Get Active with these tips on easy ways to get more physical activity in your life.
    • Being active as a family; aduts are role models for their kids.
    • Reducing leisure time spent on screens -- TV, videos/DVDs, computer, smart phones; reduce time kids spend on screens.
    • Adding movement into your work day -- use a sit-stand station, take the stairs, park farther away and walk to your building, walk during beaks or at lunch.

Quitting tobacco

Joining your workplace wellness team
  • Help plan, implement or participate in your agency’s worksite wellness efforts.

Visit for a comprehensive list of PEBB wellness programs. All of which count as healthy activities.

Go to Kaiser Permanente Health Assessment

Healthy Extras 
Total Health Assessment
1-866-300-9867 - M-F, 8-5
Q&A on Total Health Assessment 

  • Kaiser has no way to print at the end. You will need to take a screenshot to save your Completion Certificate!

Printable Instructions   Video

Go to Providence Health Assessment

MyProvidence Personal Health Assessment
1-877-569-7768 - Help 24/7

Printable Instructions

By participating in HEM, you are agreeing:
  • That you will complete the Health Assessment through your current health carrier's website, and then enroll in HEM during Open Enrollment (October 1-October 31)
That you understand: 
  • By enrolling in HEM and completing the Health Assessment by the close of Open Enrollment, you will receive a taxable health incentive of $17.50 added to your monthly paycheck (Beginning January 1).
    • If you do not complete the Health Assessment, two healthy actions or enrollment in HEM participation by the end of Open Enrollment (October 31), you will not receive the health incentive, and $100 will be added to your medical coverage deductible, per covered individual (up to a family maximum of $300). 
  • That you must complete two healthy actions, of your choice, by the time you enroll in the following plan year's Open Enrollment. 
  • That the above are standards, and that a reasonable alternative to a standard will be provided if a disability makes it unreasonably difficult for me to achieve a standard, or a medical condition makes it inadvisable for me to attempt to achieve a standard. If this is the case, please contact PEBB or your carrier.

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