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Enjoy an active life while you help your community
Thousands of PEBB members have taken up their health plan's challenge to be more active as a way to support the annual food drive. You could still be  have time to meet the challenge.
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doctors with child
Want to pay less for your family’s care? Make sure your provider fits the bill!
When you use a state-recognized primary care home in PEBB’s Statewide plan, your cost share drops from 15% to 10%. Make sure your family’s providers fit the bill.
When you’re facing health care decisions, there’s help for choosing wisely
Where’s the balance between asking for tests to make sure you’re OK and your doctor thinking it’s not needed but wanting to cover all the bases? Medical professionals and Consumer Reports are helping to find that "sweet spot." Dr. John Santa, a former Board member, is spearheading this effort to help us all "Choose Wisely."
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Doctor advising patient
Choosing your HEM actions wisely can have a huge impact
"On joining HEM, after dragging my heels deep into the dirt, I made a yearly checkup one of my HEM health actions. It isn’t something I normally do, but thankfully I did. My provider found a lump on my Thyroid. I wouldn’t have gone in if it hadn’t been for HEM. I hope others can find early stages of their health conditions and not too late to do something about it."  - a member
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23 and ½ hours
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