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May 5, 2011
DAS General Services Building
1225 Ferry St SE, Ste B, Salem
PEBB Public Meeting Minutes
Fri., May 5, 2011; 10:30-4:30 p.m.
NOTE:  Time codes for the video stream (xx:xx:xx) are provided at the beginning of each section. Please refer to the recorded video stream of this meeting for additional details. Items may be heard out of agenda order.
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PEBB Board Members
Rich Peppers, Chair
Peter Callero
Rocky King, Vice Chair
Nora Leibowitz (absent)
Diane Lovell
Paul McKenna
Fariborz Pakseresht
Jeanene Smith (absent)
PEBB Staff
Bobbie Barott
Wendy Edwards
Joan Kapowich
Ingrid Norberg
Chérie Taylor
Donna Chastain, OSU
Randy Cline, Willamette Dental
Brad Garrigues, Providence
Megan Myrick, Willamette Dental
Cynthia Platonov, ODS
Jean Poling, Kaiser
Cash Singleton, Providence
Dennis Thompson, Statesman Journal
Deborah Tremblay, OJD
Amanda Waldroupe, The Lund Report
Denise Yunker, OUS
Andrea Zottola, PMG/Providence
Mikel Gray, Mercer (by phone)

VIDEO STREAM: 00:00:00/01:54:13
Welcome / Approval of Minutes (info/action: Bdattachs.1/1A)
Chair Peppers welcomed members and attendees, calling for a motion to approve the Board’s April 4th and 19th meeting minutes.
ACTION: Peter Callero moved to approve the minutes. Diane Lovell carried the motion, which passed unanimously.
Overview of Meeting and Updates (info/discussion: Bdattach.2)
Administrator Joan Kapowich provided an overview of the meeting agenda and updated the Board on topical activities.
Round Four Renewals Response (info/action: Bdattachs.3/3A)
 Mikel Gray, Mercer, discussed carrier responses to Round 4 renewal letters.
Wendy Edwards, Director of Operations, recited renewals already confirmed by letters dated April 20, 2011, including:
  • The Standard (life insurance, short- and long-term disability and AD&D insurance),
  • BenefitHelp Solutions (third party administration/COBRA),
  • UNUM (long-term disability insurance), and;
  • ASIFlex (flexible spending accounts).
ACTION: Diane Lovell moved to accept consultant/staff-recommended dental renewals, which was carried by Paul McKenna.  The Board passed the motion unanimously.
The Board continued its discussion of 2012 renewals; specifically, VSP and Peter Callero moved to accept consultant’s/staff’s renewal recommendation for VSP’s Signature Plan C, which was carried by Diane Lovell. Upon further discussion, Mr. Callero moved to table his motion and remand the issue to the Board’s May 17th meeting, where staff will have additional information requested by the Board available. The motion to table was carried by Rocky King and was passed unanimously.
ACTION: Diane Lovell moved to accept consultant/staff-recommended status quo medical renewals. The motion, carried by Paul McKenna, was passed unanimously by the Board, with the understanding that additional benefit changes have not yet been decided.
Review of Plan Designs (info/action: Bdattachs.4/4A/4B/4C)
Joan Kapowich, Administrator, and Mikel Gray, Mercer, presented plan design options and resulting reserve requirement to the Board. Administrator Kapowich also updated the Board on the Health Engagement Model (HEM).
CONSENSUS: The Board remanded plan design and additional cost tiers (Bdattachs. 4/4A) to its HEM Subcommittee for further discussion.
Wendy Edwards, Director of Operations, refreshed the Board on retiree benefit options and compared benefit  plans available to retirees (Bdattachs.4B/4C).
Written Public Comment
The Board accepted written comment submitted by Nathan Thomas, PEBB member, regarding the ODS Plan Handbook.