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ODOT's Secure File Transfer System - MOVEit DMZ
The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has implemented the MOVEit DMZ Managed File Transfer system for secure file transfer. It provides a way for ODOT to send and receive sensitive information with its external partners.
MOVEit DMZ can also be used to transfer large files that cannot be sent using email due to file size limitations. You can send single or multiple file attachments (called packages). All packages are encrypted so that only the people they are intended for can read them. There are features that enable you to not only designate who may receive the packages but also how long the package will be available for download through the MOVEit DMZ system. MOVEit DMZ also enables you to encrypt the body of your email in case you wish it to include sensitive information.
Please read this *Quick Start Outline* to get started with using ODOT MOVEit DMZ Managed File Transfer system. More in-depth tutorials are listed below.
MOVEit DMZ Tutorials for External Users
The following materials are provided to help you get acquainted with the ODOT MOVEit Managed File Transfer system.  These tutorials are for external users.
1. Requesting an Account
2. User Registration
3. Receiving the Package
4. Sending a Package
MOVEit has been tested against and fully supports the following major browsers:
• Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 9.0, 10.0 (on Windows only)
 when using MOVEit Upload/Download Wizard (ActiveX or Java)
• Mozilla FireFox (FF): Latest version (on Windows, Macintosh and RedHat Linux)
 when using MOVEit Upload/Download Wizard (Java - Windows/*nix/Mac OS X)
• Google Chrome: Latest version (on Windows only)
 when using MOVEit Upload/Download Wizard (Java - Windows/*nix/Mac OS X)
• Apple Safari: Latest version (on Macintosh only)
 when using MOVEit Upload/Download Wizard (Java Only)
The above clients ensure the integrity of transferred files and prove who uploaded and who downloaded a specific file (non-repudiation).
Use of the MOVEit Java Wizard on the Macintosh version of Firefox requires that you use the Java Preferences applet to select Java 6 or 7.
ODOT Internal users URL: http://transnet.odot.state.or.us/cs/issecprog/Site_Pages/MOVEit_DMZ.aspx?PageView=Shared​

For more information or assistance, please email us at ODOTComputer.Support@odot.state.or.us.