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External Audits

External Audits provides an essential audit and oversight service to management to improve accountability and protect the public.

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Internal Audit Reports

​External Audits conducts audits and reviews of Architectural and Engineering companies and other consultants, utility companies, railroads, municipalities and subrecipients of federal and state funding.​

More information to come. 

​External Audits performs:

  • Cognizant reviews and desk reviews of consultants’ indirect cost rate audits;  
  • Utility company overhead rate reviews;
  • Railroad contract and cost reimbursement reviews;
  • Office of Management and Budget Code of Federal Regulations​ 2 CFR 200 reviews;
  • Additional work for department management.​

​PPP (Paycheck Protection Program)

Federal Highway Administration Memo​

HCF Info Memo_Treatment of PPP Funds for AE Consultants_3-24-21.pdf

ICR (Indirect Cost Rate) 180-day deadline

More information to come

OPO (Oregon Department of Transportation Procurement Office) 

Main OPO phone #: 503-986-2710

Billing Rate Coordinator email:

Link to Procurement Office for Cost Disclosure Questionnaire(CDQ) and other billing rate information for consultants:

See drop down labeled Cost, Billing Rate and Compensation Related Forms



External Audits
355 Capitol St NE MS #31
Salem, OR 97301-3871