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Standard Details - Environmental Section

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The Standard Details are currently under revision. If you are unable to locate a specific detail, please contact Dave Polly, the Senior Standards Engineer, by email or by phone at (503) 986-3738 for personal assistance. 
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Change Requests

If you would like to suggest changes to the Standard Details, fill out the form on the "Request for Change to Standard Details" page. 
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Erosion and Sediment Control


ENVIRONMENTAL - Erosion and Sediment Control
File Type
 DET 6001  Plastic Sheeting
 DET 6006  Turbidity Barrier
 DET 6007  Temporary Interceptor Dike Type 1
 DET 6008  Temporary Interceptor Dike Type 2
 DET 6009  Temporary Interceptor Dike Type 3
 DET 6010  Temporary Interceptor Swale Type 1
 DET 6011  Temporary Interceptor Dike/Swale Type 3
 DET 6012  Staked Silt Fence Turbidity Barrier
 DET 6017
 Compost Blanket 

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Roadside Development


ENVIRONMENTAL - Roadside Development
File Type
 DET 6100
 Tree Planting and Staking
 DET 6101  Planting
 DET 6102  Planting
 DET 6103  Plant Cutting Installation
 DET 6104  Plant List
 DET 6105  Planting Pattern
 DET 6106  Construction
 DET 6107  Planting
 DET 6108  Irrigation
 DET 6109  Irrigation
 DET 6110  Irrigation

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