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Speed Zones

There are two types of speed limits in Oregon, statutory speed limits and designated speed limits.

A statutory speed limit is specifically described in state law. Examples include:

  • 15 mph - Alleys.
  • 20 mph - Business districts and school zones.
  • 25 mph - Residential districts.
  • 65 mph - Most interstate highway sections.

Some statutory speed limits, like business and residential districts must meet specific criteria to be considered as such. Learn more about statutory speed limits in Oregon Revised Statutes 811.111 and ORS811.105.

Speed limits that differ from the statutory speed limit of a roadway are known as designated speed limits. These are established through an engineering investigation, based on national standards. Oregon Administrative Rules (734-020-0015 and 734-020-014) regulate speed limit setting on public-paved non-low volume roads.

Speed Limits

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School Speed Zones

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Changing a Speed Limit

Speed Zone Investigations

Delegated Authority for Speed Zones

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Investigation Basics

Speed Zone Manual

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State Highway Emergency Speed Zone Request

Contact the Traffic Section

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The Work Zone Traffic Control website​ contains information on traffic control plan requirements and guidance. 

The Work Zone Speed Reduction Request​, form 734-2874 is used for requesting a work zone speed reduction and​ has the instructions and definitions for the form built in as an attachment for the form.

Contact the Traffic-Roadway Section for assistance: 503-986-3568.