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Transportation Project Delivery & Operational Governance


Definition and Purpose:

Highway Division Directives are used as operational guidance and carry the weight of policy for Highway Division staff. Their purpose is to establish a system of written communication for Highway Division. See Directive ORG 01-01: Written Communications for additional information. The Highway Division Administrator approves all directives and notices. The Strategic Business Services Branch retains and publishes copies to the website.

Highway Division Directives
Description Last Update Links

​Directive HWY 01: 
Placement of Artwork on State Highway Right of Way

​10/01/13 Highway Directive (pdf)
Q and A's (pdf)
Directive HWY ORG:
Highway Division Business Line Team Member Expectations
11/01/06 Highway Directive (pdf)
Directive DES 01: System Preservation Program Funds

Related Documents:
Bridge Strategy Work Plan
Pavement Strategy Work Plan
06/01/11 Directive DES 01 (pdf)
Directive DES 02: Roundabouts on State Highway Systems​ 11/09/12​ Directive DES 02 (pdf)​
Directive DES 20-01: Ornamental Landscaping 11/05/01 Directive DES 20-01 (pdf)
Directive ENV 01-01: Migratory Bird Treaty Act (16 U.S.C. 703-712) 01/17/06 Directive ENV 01-01 (pdf)
Directive ENV 20-01: Environmental Violation Reporting 05/24/10 Directive ENV 20-01 (pdf)
Directive ORG 01-02: Formation and Operation of the Area Commissions on Transportation (ACTs) 10/01/03 Directive ORG 01-02 (pdf)
Directive MAI 131-01: Special Management Areas 02/01/08 Directive MAI 131-01 (pdf)
Directive TRA 10-16: Guiding Principle for Work Zone Safety 11/08/16​ Directive TRA 10-16 (pdf)  "New"


Tranportation Operations Directives
Description Last Update Links


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Operational Notices

Definition and Purpose

Operational notices are ODOT’s project delivery policy guidelines, intended to ensure consistency in project delivery practices throughout ODOT. The audience for these notices is all staff, internal to ODOT and contractors doing business on behalf of ODOT using ODOT’s practices and policies.

Operational Notices & Directives:

Now includes Motor Carrier Transportation Division Operational Notices

Operational Notices
Title Purpose Last

MCTD - 1:
Guidelines for Engineering Requirements for Motor Carrier Transportation Division

​The purpose of this document is to establish guidelines for engineering requirements relating to Motor Carrier Transportation Division projects throughout the state. The purpose of this guidance is to ensure compliance with ODOT Policy # DES 05-02 which is in place to safeguard life, health, and property. New MCTD-1 (pdf)
Guidelines for Engineering Requirements for Maintenance Operations
​The purpose of this notice is to establish guidelines for engineering requirements relating to Maintenance Crews and Maintenance Projects throughout the state. The purpose of this guidance is to ensure compliance with ODOT Policy # DES 05-02 which is in place to safeguard life, health, and property.


Supersedes 12/01/2013

MG-Activities-1 (pdf)
PDLT Notice 01:
Project Delivery Business Line and Leadership Team Roles & Responsibilities
To provide overall guidance and structure for the Project Delivery Business Line with respect to program delivery, leadership, and decision-making. 01/06/2009 PD01 (pdf)
PDLT Notice 01A: Project Delivery Guidance Development
To communicate and document the process for developing, implementing and managing new or revised project delivery guidance through PDLT. 02/05/2008 PD 01A(pdf)
PDLT Notice 02:
Project Development Decision Structure
To provide direction to the business line on Project Development decision-making and change management for all Commission Services Design-Bid-Build construction projects under the responsibility of ODOT, and specifically in terms of project management for Scope, Schedule and Budget. 09/06/05 PD 02 (pdf)

PDLT Notice 03: Access Management in the Project Delivery Process 


To establish general guidance and expectations for implementing access management in the project delivery process with highway improvement projects in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).  02/03/15 PD 03 (pdf)
PDLT Notice 04:
Environmental Performance

To provide direction to the business line relating to decisions concerning environmental issues. 05/13/13 PD 04 (pdf)
Cover Letter (pdf)
PDLT Notice 05:
Water Quality Mitigation

To provide guidance in determining the need for stormwater quality mitigation for runoff from ODOT projects and the level of mitigation that could be necessary. 04/04/06 PD 05 (pdf)
PDLT Notice 06:
Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) & Professional Engineering (PE) Registration Support Guidelines
To provide guidance in acquiring Professional Engineering registration and to state the Division's commitment in support of this effort. 12/01/00 PD 06 (pdf)
PDLT Notice 07:
Operational Policy between PS&E submittal and Bid Opening
To identify critical items of work, establish and clarify individual roles and responsibilities, and to document the process from the time PS&E documents are submitted to the ODOT Specifications, Estimating and Office of Pre-Letting, up to bid opening for transportation projects. 2/2009 PD 07 (pdf)
PDLT Notice 08
Bid Opening to Notice to Proceed
To provide guidance and clarification of the processes, roles, and responsibilities occurring during the timeline between Bid Opening and Notice to Proceed for ODOT OPO - Central Procurement transportation projects. 09/23/2013 PD 08 (pdf)
Cover Letter (pdf)
PDLT Notice 10:
Disposal of Excess Excavation Materials
To provide guidelines to Project Teams developing projects with excess excavation materials 01/01/02 PD 10 (pdf)
PDLT Notice 12:
Public Involvement
Expectations for Project Delivery 
The purpose of this notice is to provide direction to the business line on Public Involvement expectations for Project Delivery (project development and construction).
6/25/2015 PD 12 (pdf)
PDLT Notice 13:
Resourcing Pavement Designs for Preservation Projects
To provide clarifying direction to ODOT staff in relation to the resourcing of pavement designs on Preservation Projects. 12/21/04 PD 13 (pdf)
PDLT Notice 14:
Guidelines for Determining Project Delivery Method (In-Source vs. Outsourcing)
To define the decision process, roles and responsibilities within the Project Delivery Business Line for the selection of project-specific delivery methods. 12/21/04 PD 14 (pdf)
PDLT Notice 15:
Project Risk Assessment Insurance
To provide direction to the business line relating to the structured assessment of risk and insurance against identified risks for contractors and subcontractors performing work on Highway Division projects. 07/01/05
PD 15 (pdf)

See Below for PDWP Risk Assessment Tools

**This is a fillable Adobe Document, Definitions & Scoring Sheet included**
PDLT Notice 16:
Highway Mobility
The document provides guidance on implementing key ODOT mobility policies, processes, roles and responsibilities related to project delivery. This guidance applies to all state and federally funded projects on state highways, at the project development stage through construction. This operational notice is consistent with the policies and procedures contained within the more detailed ODOT’s Mobility Procedures Manual.

PD 16 Cover Letter (pdf)

PD 16 (pdf)

Project Mobility Considerations Checklist (pdf)

FILLABLE Project Mobility Considerations Checklist

PDLT Notice 17:
Incentive/Disincentive Contracting Provisions
To provide guidance and clarification on the use of Incentive/Disincentive (I/D) contracting provisions, excluding those pertaining specifically to quality (as identified in the standard specifications). 3/14/07 PD 17 (doc)

PD-17 Checklist (doc)

PD-17 Flowchart (doc)
PDLT Notice 18:
Planning/Project Development Integration

To establish expectations, a coordination process, and roles and responsibilities for the transfer of information and knowledge from planning to project delivery. This directive establishes a Planning Checklist in PDWP as the tool to summarize and communicate planning information, analysis and decisions that need to be considered by project delivery staff when they scope STIP projects and develop the project prospectus.
PD 18 (pdf)

PDLT Notice 19:
Project Scheduling

To set expectations for the business lines regarding project scheduling during the project development/design phase of project delivery, and identify key roles and responsibilities. 09-26-16

PD 19 (pdf)

Activities: 018, 322, 325432, 472, 475,
551, 560

PDLT Notice 20: Project Delivery / Maintenance Integration and Decision-Making
To establish the framework, guidance, and a tool for partnering between Project Delivery and Maintenance / Operations staff for state maintained facilities.
11-1-10 PD 20 (pdf)

PD-20 Agreement Template (Word)
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Operational Policies

Stamping Policy

DES 05-02: Document Stamping Requirements for Registered Engineers, Land Surveyors, Geologists, and Landscape Architects (pdf) 

Note:  The above document is for ODOT Staff only.  Atempts to access this document by the general public will result in an error message.


Technical Services Branch Directive: TSB11-01(D) - "Professional Sealing of Project Special Provisions" (pdf)

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