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Oregon Highway Map


NOTE: Due to a legislative change, child passenger safety law copy on the 2017-2019 map should read:
All motor vehicle occupants must be secured in a safety belt or harness or in a child restraint system. Children must ride rear-facing until they reach 2 years of age, unless the child turned age 1 prior to May 26, 2017. A child weighing less than 40 pounds must be restrained in a child safety seat. Children weighing over 40 pounds must continue to be restrained in child safety seats or booster seats until they reach age 8 or 4’ 9” in height and the adult lap and shoulder belt fit correctly.

How to obtain the free Oregon State Highway Map:
NOTE: Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Centers may also order by e-mail or by going to Travel Oregon. 

Web Applications

TransGIS is a powerful web mapping tool designed for users of every skill level, presenting many levels of complex data in an interactive map format and offering multi-level views of Oregon´s transportation system needs and accomplishments.
Detailed information including statewide transportation management system´s data, Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) projects and environmental data are accessible for analysis, planning and research needs. By offering this quick and integrated access to the many data resources available, TransGIS enhances ODOT´s ability to address agency needs and goals.
Tutorials: Comprehensive tutorials are available for the TransGIS interactive web mapping tool. Visit the TransGIS home page for links to the tutorials.

ODOT GIS has created many web applications highlighting programs and data maintained by agencies statewide.


Digital Video Log


Digital Video Log

The DVL is provided by the Road Inventory and Classification Services Unit of ODOT´s Transportation Development Division. The DVL provides digital images of the state highway system from a driver´s perspective, taken every hundredth of a mile, in both increasing and decreasing milepoint directions.

Please submit your questions and comments regarding Digital Video Log to the Web Editor.


Environmental And Other Data
Environmental Data Management System (EDMS)
The Environmental Data Management System (EDMS) is a collection of projects which focus on the dispersion of environmental spatial data to agency staff. SR-SAM and EnviroView are the two main current EDMS projects. EnviroView expands upon the TransGIS model by providing specialized environmental data access and analysis to the natural and cultural resource disciplines in their requirements for specialized toolsets. SR-SAM helps make possible those desired favorable outcomes for natural and cultural resource while still enabling the ODOT fulfillment of mandated road management and maintenance activities.

Salmon Resource and Sensitive Area Mapping (SR-SAM)
The primary purpose of the Salmon Resources and Sensitive Area Mapping (SR-SAM) project is to provide accurate resource protection mapping that enables roadway maintenance crews to perform their required activities (e.g., mowing, pesticide applications, etc.) with minimized disturbance to sensitive areas and their threatened and endangered resources. Meeting this objective requires the development and maintenance of a comprehensive resource inventory over a very large geographical area.
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ODOT Geo-Environmental
Environmental GIS data and services are provided in coordination with
ODOT Geo-Environmental Section

Other GIS Data
Please see our GIS & Mapping Links page for pointers to even more GIS Data.

GIS Transportation Framework
The Oregon Transportation Framework Group is the part of the Oregon Framework Implementation Team (FIT) dedicated to developing a GIS Transportation framework for the State of Oregon. The Oregon FIT is closely aligned with the national framework initiative, lead by the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) and the President´s Office of Management & Budget. Oregon FIT activities are coordinated by the Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office (GEO).

Oregon Road Authorities
Development of a GIS Transportation Framework for the State of Oregon will require coordination with over 300 road authorities statewide. As part of this effort the T-FIT team has produced a list of Oregon Road Authorities with web links and other contact information.

Map Products
Please see our Map Products page.

ODOT GIS Steering Committee
GIS Steering Committee Calendar

GIS and Mapping Links
We have put together a number of GIS related links for your convenience in accessing related information. Please note that though some of the links take you to other Oregon.gov pages many will take you to sites outside the Oregon.gov web site. Go to our GIS and Mapping Links page to view these links.

About the ODOT GIS Unit
Our Mission:
The GIS Unit serves the Oregon Department of Transportation by effectively providing geographic information products and services through the development of spatially-enabled applications, databases, mapping products, analysis, education and technical support.

Some of Our Responsibilities:
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) products including maps, data and analysis
  • Official Oregon State highway maps
  • Oregon transportation map-bases including city and county maps
  • Development and support of the Environmental Data Management Systems (EDMS)
  • Maintain and test web applications such as  and 

Mailing Address:
ODOT Transportation Data Division
Geographic Information Systems Unit
555 13th St. N.E., Suite 2
Salem, 0R 97301-4178

Hours of Operation:
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM  Monday through Friday

phone: 503-986-3154