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Road Assets and Mileage

Roadway asset reports represent Oregon Department of Transportation's collection of information about the status and condition of Oregon’s public road system. These products are provided in support of ODOT and Federal Highway Administration, or FHWA, asset management and performance measurement activities such as FHWA's Highway Performance Monitoring System, or HPMS.

​Public Road Inventory is a compilation of information about the status and condition of the road system in Oregon. This work includes collecting and maintaining the necessary road information to:

  • Provide ODOT’s Linear Reference Measurement, or LRM.
  • Maintain Federal Functional Classification and National Highway System.
  • Provide mileage statistics.
  • Develop, maintain and enhance ODOT’s corporate data base known as “TransInfo".
  • Record and maintain the State Highway Video Log.
  • Complete FHWA´s Highway Performance Monitoring System submittal.

​The Oregon Mileage Report is ODOT’s official report of public road mileage information. These reports are updated and published annually and depict mileages by road jurisdiction (state, county, city, etc.). Oregon Mileage Reports by year:




​Please contact  Road Inventory & Classification Services for additional information.

As per 23 USC 402 (c), the Governor of each state is required to annually certify and submit the total number of public road miles within the state. In Oregon, the governor has delegated this responsibility to ODOT.

To meet this annual requirement, ODOT sends out requests to every public agency in the state, requesting updated public road mileage totals. ODOT compiles the updated information into a single report that is submitted to FHWA by June 1 of each year.

Statewide Certified Public Road Mileage History

​The State Highway Video Log is a pictorial record of state highway features from a driver´s perspective. The Highway numbers seen on the Digital Video Log, or DVL and Available Video list are the ODOT highway numbers. These numbers are not the same as the Route numbers you see on roadside signs when driving on our highways. For those not familiar with our highway numbering system please use the Cross Reference Table which corresponds  the ODOT highway name and number with the posted route numbers.

Cross Reference Table - Highway Route Number to State Highway Number 

The DVL consists of digital images taken every 26 feet, in both increasing and decreasing milepoint directions. This application presents DVL images with a corresponding milepoint log. To access, use the appropriate link below.

ODOT Digital Video Log

Order DVL Copies

Obtain copies of current or historic videos by sending an email request using the link below or calling 503-986-4134. Subscription service for updated videos is also available to both public and private agencies.

Available Video Logs
Request Video

Need More Information?

Please call the Video Log Coordinator at 503-986-4134

Straightline Charts

Transinfo Data Dictionary