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Public Road Inventory


Public Road Inventory is a compilation of information about the status and condition of the road system in Oregon. The Transportation Data Section collects and maintains road information necessary to classify and monitor the highways, roads, and streets within Oregon; provides mileage statistics; develops, maintains, and enhances ODOT’s corporate data base known as “TransInfo"; collects and maintains traffic counting information; and films and maintains the State Highway Video Log. From data gathered, reports such as the Federal Highway Performance Maintenance System (HPMS) submittal and the Oregon Mileage Report are written.
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TransInfo Database

The TransInfo database provides mileage statistics and status of features related to the highway system. TransInfo information supports a variety of Oregon Department of Transportation sections, their products and the public. Some examples of this support include the Transportation Management Systems, FHWA´s Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) submittal, federal Functional Classification and National Highway System, Planning, Straightline Charts, and the Video Log.

The Road Inventory and Classification Services (RICS) Unit of the Transportation Data Section provides Mileage Control support and training to help ensure design and location consistency. Staff is available to answer questions concerning milepoint locations, setting new milepoints, tying new construction projects into existing stationing, and highway numbering. Staff will also provide on site one on one or group training upon request.

Reports and References

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Straightline Charts

A Straightline Chart is a lineal representation of the features along a state highway. Intersecting roadways, as well as culverts, rivers, bridges, city limits, state parks, viewpoints, and many other features are shown by milepoint along the Straightline Chart ribbon. There are also interchange diagrams for each connection and frontage road along the highway with their features noted by milepoint. These charts can be used as a quick reference to locate an attribute along a state highway, connection, or frontage road.

Straightline Charts are available in .PDF format. Use the links below to access the Straightline Charts including interchange diagrams (with information about connections and frontage roads). Other helpful links are provided below to help you find a list of Straightline Chart updates, request hard copies, and access State Highway Inventory Reports to verify milepoints.

Straightline Chart Links

PDF Straightline Files (Best if printed on 11 x 17)
Supporting Documents
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Digital Video Log

The State Highway Video Log is a pictorial record of state highway features from a driver´s perspective.

You may obtain copies of current or historic videos by filling out the convenient on line form provided on this page, or by calling our office at (503) 986-4182. Subscription service for updated videos is also available to both public and private agencies.

The Digital Video Log (DVL) consists of digital images taken every hundredth of a mile, in both increasing and decreasing milepoint directions. This application presents DVL images with a corresponding milepoint log. To access, use the appropriate link below.

Video Log Links
(This link is currently available to ODOT employees only. )
(This link is available only to users outside the ODOT computer system.)
The Highway numbers that you will see on the Digital Video Log and Available Video list are the ODOT highway numbers. These numbers are not the same as the Route numbers you see on roadside signs when driving on our highways. For those not familiar with our highway numbering system please use the Highway Cross Reference Table which corresponds the ODOT highway name and number with the posted route numbers.
If you have any questions please contact Paul Amawattana at (503) 986-4134.
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Oregon Mileage Report

The Oregon Mileage Report is ODOT’s official source of public road mileage information. It is updated annually by the Transportation Data Section of the Transportation Development Division and published in the summer of each year. These reports depict mileages by road jurisdiction (state, county, city, etc.).

State Highway mileage is reported as Lane Mileage and as Centerline Mileage. All other road jurisdiction mileage is reported as Centerline Mileage only.

  • State highway centerline mileage is the number of miles of two-way roads. A road with a lane in each direction, a road with two lanes in each direction and a turn lane in the middle, and a divided freeway with four lanes in each direction all count equally in terms of centerline mileage. Centerline mileage for roadways other than State highway may also include one way and one lane roads.
  • Lane mileage counts a mile for each lane in each direction. Thus, a mile of street with a lane in each direction counts as two lane miles.

Following are links to the Oregon Mileage Report for the most recent years. 

2015     2014     ​​2013     2012     2011

2010     2009     2008     2007     2006     2005     2004     2003     2002     2001     2000

1999     1998

If you need additional information please contact the Road Inventory & Classification Services Unit at ODOTRICS@odot.state.or.us.

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