Upcoming Zero Emission Vehicle Rebate Program

DEQ will be establishing a new program to offer rebates on purchases and leases of electric vehicles that operate with zero emissions. Oregon Legislature recently passed legislation that will generate up to $12 million each year through 2023 to provide rebates for certain zero emission vehicles.
Rebates will be available for purchases of new electric vehicles subject to certain criteria that DEQ will include in applications for rebates. Rebates will be $1,250-$2,500 for certain electric vehicles with battery capacities of 10 kWh or greater and $750-$1,500 for vehicles with battery capacities less than 10 kWh. DEQ will offer additional rebates for low- and moderate-income households buying or leasing new or used zero-emission vehicles. These rebates will be $1,250-$2,500 and will be offered for households that voluntarily retire or scrap vehicles at least 20 years old.
The precise rebate amounts, eligibility criteria and the application process will be established by rules that DEQ will be developing for consideration by the Environmental Quality Commission.
Rebates will likely begin being issued later in 2018 as applications will need to be reviewed for eligibility pursuant to rules that will be adopted by the Environmental Quality Commission. Rebates will also not be available until DEQ acquires funding, which is not anticipated until later in 2018.  DEQ will provide more information on the eligibility criteria, review process, and schedule in the coming months as we develop this rebate program.

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