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Independent Living Program

​​What is NYTD?

NYTD stands for "National Youth in Transition Database." It's a national survey to see how young people are doing as they transition out of the foster care system, and we need your help to make it work. Young people will be contacted to complete the survey right after their 17th, 19th, and 21st birthdays.

Benefits of NYTD?

The Federal Chafee Foster Care Independent Program legislation includes language requiring each state to track and report services and outcomes for foster teens and young adults. By participating in the NYTD survey we are learning:
  • Which services are beneficial to youth as they transition out of foster care
  • How our youth are really doing once they are out on their own

Information for Youth

  • You hold the answers NYTD needs - your story can help improve the foster care system for thousands of young people. Your information will be kept private and safe. Make sure you sign up for a FREE FosterClub membership​ and take the NYTD survey

  • Once you connect with FosterClub they will send you helpful reminder notices about NYTD with the help of a Dedicated Outreach Representative (DOR). The DOR will be your personal connection to resources and information as you transition from foster care - like your very own customer service representative!

  • As a registered Oregon FosterClub member when you update your contact information you are automatically eligible for contests, drawings, and prizes. Make sure to let FosterClub, your caseworker, and your Independent Living Program know your new address after you leave foster care so they know how to reach you when it's time to take the survey…and you will have an even better chance at winning!

Information for Foster Parents and Supportive Adults

  • Become a partner to help the State collect NYTD data. Make sure the foster youth you know understand what NYTD is.

  • Encourage young people to complete the survey within 45 days of their 17th, 19th and 21st birthday. Offer to help young people complete the survey, including reading through the questions and entering answers online or completing a paper version.

  • Let the caseworker and/or ILP worker know what skills are being taught in the home so the caseworker is able to track those skills and areas covered and plan for any life skills training that still needs to be addressed. 
Become a partner to help the State collect NYTD data. Encourage young people to complete the survey shortly after their 17th, 19th and 21st birthdays. We need your assistance as there needs to be a significant population to track in order to determine which services are beneficial to our youth and the differences between those youth who are successful and those who are struggling with their transition to adulthood.