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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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End of COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE)​

The COVID-19 PHE ends May 11, 2023. 

The PHE allowed ODDS to take temporary actions to protect people’s health. Some of these actions w​ill end May 11. ODDS will post resources on this page. These items will help community members and partners through this transition.

Resources for End of COVID-19 PHE


COVID-19 Important Notices

COVID-19 Information for ODDS Residential Settings​​

Case Management Entities


ODDS COVID-19 Policy Guide10/27/2022


Guidance related to Senate Bill 1606 IM-20-0938/18/2020
COVID 19 and CAM Reporting for Abuse Investigations and Death Reviews PT-20-0836/30/2020
COVID 19 and CAM Reporting PT-20-0796/24/2020
PPE Masks and Gloves for Homecare Workers Personal Support Workers -IM-20-0414/24/2020
Changes to Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review Process PT-20-0483/31/2020
Temporary Changes Adult Abuse Investigation APD-AR-20-0423/26/2020


Public Health Emergency (PHE) Unwinding table 1/4/2023
COVID-19 PHE Unwinding Project: Talking Points for Staff Courtesy Notice9/27/2022
ODDS CME Exception Form9/29/2021
COVID19 ODDS Redetermination of Presumed Eligibility - Spanish2/24/2021
COVID19 ODDS Redetermination of Presumed Eligibility -Simplified Chinese2/24/2021
COVID19 ODDS Redetermination of Presumed Eligibility - Russian2/24/2021
COVID19 ODDS Redetermination of Presumed Eligibility -Vietnamese2/24/2021
COVID-19 ODDS Redetermination of Presumed Eligibility- English2/24/2021



ODDS COVID-19 Policy Guide10/27/2022


Weekly Provider Reporting on 24-Hour and Adult Foster Home Bed and Staff Vacancy10/5/2021
Civil Penalties and COVID-19 IM-20-0847/24/2020
Suspected or Positive Case Reporting AR-20-0494/10/2020


Public Health Emergency (PHE) Unwinding table English1/4/2023
ODDS Providers Healthcare Worker GridEnglish3/23/2022
ODDS Temporary Provider Capacity GuideEnglish12/23/2021
ODDS COVID Healthcare Rule Vaccine FAQEnglish10/6/2021
ODDS Provider Change Capacity FormEnglish9/29/2021
DD Director Healthcare Rule ChangesEnglish9/20/2021
Presentation 24-hour Group Home Providers regarding Healthcare Worker RuleEnglish9/17/2021
Presentation IDD Adult Foster Homes regarding Healthcare Worker RuleEnglish9/17/2021
COVID Healthcare Rule Vaccine FAQ RussianRussian9/10/2021
COVID Healthcare Rule Vaccine FAQ Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese9/10/2021
COVID Healthcare Rule Vaccine FAQ SpanishSpanish9/10/2021
COVID OHA Vaccine Provider ToolkitEnglish12/16/2020
COVID ODDS Mask InfographicEnglish9/15/2020


Director's Messages

Reminder of ODDS mask policy and guidanceEnglish2/15/2022
Напоминание о политике и руководстве отдела ODDS в области ношения масокRussian2/15/2022
有关 ODDS 戴口罩政策和指导的提醒Simplified Chinese2/15/2022
Is xasuusinta siyaasada maaskaraha iyo tilmaamaha ODDSSomali2/15/2022
Recordatorio de la política y directrices de cubrebocas de la ODDSSpanish2/15/2022
Nhắc nhở về chính sách và hướng dẫn đeo khẩu trang ODDSVietnamese2/15/2022


The flu, COVID-19 and RSV: What you need to knowEnglish11/23/2022
ODDS and the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency FAQsEnglish11/22/2022
Oficina de Servicios de Discapacidades del Desarrollo y el fin de la emergencia de salud pública por el COVID-19: preguntas frecuentesSpanish11/22/2022
Работа ODDS после окончания чрезвычайной ситуации в области общественного здравоохранения (ЧСЗ) в связи с COVID-19: часто задаваемые вопросыRussian11/22/2022
ODDS iyo dhammaadka xaaladda gurmadka caafimaadka dadwaynaha COVID-19: Su’aalaha inta badan la isweydiiyoSomali11/22/2022
ODDS và sự kết thúc tình trạng khẩn cấp về y tế công cộng do COVID-19: Câu hỏi thường gặpVietnamese11/22/2022
ODDS 和 COVID-19 公共卫生紧急状态 (PHE) 的结束: 常见问题解答Simplified Chinese11/22/2022
Seminario para padres de menores como cuidadores pagadosSpanish12/13/2021
Vaccines and Your Personal Support Workers GraphicEnglish9/22/2021
CDC COVID 19 Materials for People with IDDEnglish9/8/2021
Frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccines in OregonEnglish6/25/2021
Developing a Plan for Returning to Work and ActivitiesEnglish4/8/2021
Covid Medical Rights Resources SheetEnglish8/20/2020
ODDS COVID-19 Info Video SpanishSpanish4/20/2020
Treatment Guidelines Relating to Non Discrimination in Medical Treatment for COVID 19English4/13/2020
ODDS Covid 19 PodcastEnglish3/23/2020
ODDS Covid 19 VideoEnglish3/14/2020