Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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Visit the Oregon Health Authority's COVID-19 page and 211info COVID-19 for information and resources

COVID-19 Information for ODDS Residential Settings

Specific ODDS questions can be directed to the ODDS Emergency Management Specialist at

COVID-19 Important Notices

Scenarios for ODDS Services Related to COVID-19
ODDS COVID-19 Reporting Form​​

Case Management Entities

Workers Guides​​​

Case Management Reopening Worker Guide4/27/2021
Licensors Reopening Worker Guide2/25/2021


COVID compliance assistance IM-20-12511/20/2020
Extension of COVID-19 Related Exceptions AR-20-0839/9/2020
Summer Hours Extended APD-PT-20-092 8/19/2020
Guidance related to Senate Bill 1606 IM-20-0938/18/2020
COVID 19 Points of Contact at Case Management Entities AR-20-0727/16/2020
Pandemic Precautions for Case Management Entities IM-20-0777/7/2020
Scenarios Document New Email IM-20-0706/30/2020
COVID 19 and CAM Reporting for Abuse Investigations and Death Reviews PT-20-0836/30/2020
COVID 19 and CAM Reporting PT-20-0796/24/2020
Scenarios and Reporting requirements for COVID-19 PT-20-0756/12/2020
ODDS Reopening Policy Worker's Guides PT-20-0746/10/2020
ODDS Phase 1 Reopening Policy Worker Guides PT-20-0735/29/2020
Assistive Technology during Stay at Home Order PT-20-0715/6/2020
PPE Masks and Gloves for Homecare Workers Personal Support Workers -IM-20-0414/24/2020
COVID-19 CARES Act benefits and resources PT-20-0644/17/2020
Expanded Supports for Families PT-20-0554/7/2020
Changes to Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review Process PT-20-0483/31/2020
Temporary Changes Adult Abuse Investigation APD-AR-20-0423/26/2020
Presumed Eligibility Guidance APD-PT-20-0253/16/2020


COVID19 ODDS Redetermination of Presumed Eligibility – English3/31/2021
Resuming Suspended Eligibility Redeterminations COVID-19 Developmental Disabilities Services3/31/2021
COVID19 ODDS Redetermination of Presumed Eligibility -Spanish2/24/2021
COVID19 ODDS Redetermination of Presumed Eligibility -SimplifiedChinese2/24/2021
COVID19 ODDS Redetermination of Presumed Eligibility -Russian2/24/2021
COVID19 ODDS Redetermination of Presumed Eligibility -Vietnamese2/24/2021
COVID-19 Emergency Eligibility Redetermination Extension10/13/2020
COVID-19 Emergency Eligibility Redetermination Extension-Spanish10/13/2020
COVID-19 Emergency Eligibility Redetermination Extension-Russian10/13/2020
COVID-19 Emergency Eligibility Redetermination Extension-Vietnamese10/13/2020
COVID-19 Emergency Eligibility Redetermination Extension-Simplified Chinese10/13/2020
Notice of Presumptive Eligibility9/25/2020
Notice of Presumptive Eligibility-Spanish9/25/2020
Notice of Presumptive Eligibility-Russian9/25/2020
Notice of Presumptive Eligibility-Simplified Chinese9/25/2020
Notice of Presumptive Eligibility-Vietnamese9/25/2020
ODDS Wildfire Resources9/21/2020
ODDS Covid CME FAQs8/27/2020
ODDS Fact Sheet Notification Required Before Withholding or Withdrawing Life-Sustaining Treatment8/20/2020
ODDS POLST Fact Sheet8/20/2020
ODDS Fact Sheet Law Enforcement Support Tool8/7/2020
Oregon State Plan Amendment OR 20-00158/5/2020
Oregon Combined Appendix K7/23/2020
COVID-19 Test Site Finder7/22/2020
COVID 19 Test Site Finder Spanish7/22/2020
Oregon Combined Appendix K 1915 c Approval Letter5/28/2020
Assistive Technology FAQ5/26/2020
Applying for VR Services during COVID 195/13/2020
Oregon Appendix K Emergency Preparedness and Response4/30/2020
Oregon Combined Appendix K Approval Letter4/30/2020
End of Life Guidance4/27/2020
End of Life Guidance Arabic4/27/2020
End of Life Guidance Simplified Chinese4/27/2020
End of Life Guidance Spanish4/27/2020
End of Life Guidance Russian4/27/2020
End of Life Guidance Somali4/27/2020
End of Life Guidance Vietnamese4/27/2020
ODDS COVID Eligibility FAQ4/17/2020
How to Authorize COVID Expanded Family Supports in eXPRS4/3/2020
How to Authorize Foster Care COVID Sustainability Payments in eXPRS4/3/2020
ODDS Essential Staff Communication3/31/2020
Presumed Eligible eXPRS Eligibility Entry Guidance3/19/2020
In-Home Residential Director Message3/17/2020
ODDS DSA Covid CME Provider Communication3/13/2020
Local Emergency Management Contacts3/9/2020
COVID-19 Guidance for Programs3/3/2020


Workers Guides

24 Hour Residential Foster Care Reopening Worker Guide4/27/2021
Employment DSA Reopening Worker Guide4/27/2021
In Home Agency Provider Reopening Worker Guide1/20/2021
Supported Living Reopening Worker Guide1/14/2021


Wildfire Evacuations and Pandemic Precautions IM-20-0979/11/2020
Civil Penalties and COVID-19 IM-20-0847/24/2020
Retainer Payments for Providers AR-20-0697/10/2020
Pandemic Precautions for Foster Care IM-20-0787/7/2020
COVID Toolkit for foster care and 24 hour residential providers IM-20-0767/7/2020
Adult Foster Home Training Opportunity COVID-19 IM-20-0586/12/2020
Notification of potential COVID 19 exposure AR-20-0595/19/2020
Contingency Funds Retainer Payments AR-20-0575/8/2020
Suspected or Positive Case Reporting AR-20-0494/10/2020
ODDS Services and Executive Order PT-20-0453/30/2020
DSA and Employment Contingency Funding APD-AR-20-0403/24/2020
PSW Request for Lost Payment Hardship Benefit APD-AR-20-0393/24/2020
Staffing Support Providers CMEs APD-AR-20-0373/23/2020
Covid 19 Scenarios Tool APD-AR-20-0313/19/2020
Behavior professionals and home visits APD-IM-20-0263/18/2020


IDD Workforce Webinar Save the DateEnglish3/10/2021
Вебинары для выражения признательности специалистам DSP и работникам системы I/DDRussian3/10/2021
DSP 和 I/DD 员工网络表彰大会Simplified Chinese3/10/2021
Aqoon isweydaarsiga Dhanka Internet-ka ee Mahadnaqa Shaqaalaha DSP and I/DDSomali3/10/2021
Seminarios en línea de apreciación para la fuerza laboral de DSP y I/DDSpanish3/10/2021
Các hội thảo video trực tuyến (webinar) Tôn vinh Lực lượng Lao động gồm Chuyên viên Hỗ trợ Trực tiếp (Direct Support Professional – DSP) và các nhà cung cấp dịch vụ Khuyết tật Trí tuệ Phát triển (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities - I/DD)Vietnamese3/10/2021
Provider Webinar ScheduleEnglish2/5/2021
Employment and DSA COVID Reopening FAQEnglish1/7/2021
Reopening Plan Template Employment and DSA ServicesEnglish12/21/2020
Staffing Support Contract FAQEnglish12/17/2020
COVID OHA Vaccine Provider ToolkitEnglish12/16/2020
CDC Provider Pharmacy NoticeEnglish12/16/2020
Exposure Notice Provider Letter ODDSEnglish12/9/2020
COVID Community Inclusion Resources11/30/2020
Covid Employment First FAQ11/24/2020
Showing You Care Worker FlyerEnglish11/23/2020
Protect Yourself and Residents FlyerEnglish11/23/2020
PSW COVID Mask Requirement NoticeEnglish11/18/2020
PSW COVID Mask Requirement Notice-SpanishSpanish11/18/2020
PSW COVID Mask Requirement Notice-RussianRussian11/18/2020
PSW COVID Mask Requirement Notice-SomaliSomali11/18/2020
PSW COVID Mask Requirement Notice-Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese11/18/2020
PSW COVID Mask Requirement Notice-Traditional ChineseTraditional Chinese11/18/2020
PSW COVID Mask Requirement Notice-VietnameseVietnamese11/18/2020
Personal Support Worker COVID-19 Notification LetterEnglish11/17/2020
Personal Support Worker COVID-19 Notification LetterSpanish11/17/2020
Personal Support Worker COVID-19 Notification LetterRussian11/17/2020
Personal Support Worker COVID-19 Notification LetterSomali11/17/2020
Personal Support Worker COVID-19 Notification LetterVietnamese11/17/2020
Personal Support Worker COVID-19 Notification LetterSimplified Chinese11/17/2020
Exposure Notice Template Letter DSA Employment to Residential ProviderEnglish11/10/2020
Exposure Notice Template Letter Residential to Other Agency11/10/2020
Exposure Notice Template Letter DSA Employment to Individual11/10/2020
COVID ODDS Mask InfographicEnglish9/15/2020
PSW COVID Mask Requirement Notice-ArabicArabic7/16/2020
PSW COVID Mask Requirement Notice-KoreanKorean7/16/2020
ODDS Covid Provider FAQs7/14/2020
Playbook for COVID 19 Outbreak in a Developmental Disability Residential Setting7/14/2020
PSW COVID Rule NoticeEnglish6/24/2020
Personal Support Worker COVID-19 Notification LetterArabic6/24/2020
Personal Support Worker COVID-19 Notification LetterTraditional Chinese6/17/2020
COVID PPE ODDS InfographicEnglish5/19/2020
Exposure Notice PSW Letter ODDS5/19/2020
ODDS Creative Problem Solving Resources5/4/2020
ODDS Change Licensed Capacity Request Form4/17/2020
DD Director Message Temporary Rate Increase4/8/2020
Symptomatic DSP Caregiver COVID Testing Letter4/8/2020
How to Bill for Foster Care COVID Sustainability Payments in eXPRS4/3/2020
ODDS Staffing Support Request Form3/23/2020
Staffing Availability Workbook DSA Employment Providers3/23/2020
Staffing Availability Workbook Residential3/23/2020
Employment DSA Provider Message3/19/2020
ODDS Provider Example Template Communication3/13/2020
Interim COVID-19 infection control guidance for workers providing in-home personal care3/11/2020
Local Public Health Contacts (for PPEs)3/11/2020
Disinfectant list3/9/2020


Director's Messages

Johnson and Johnson VaccineEnglish4/16/2021
Vacuna de Johnson & JohnsonSpanish4/16/2021
Вакцина компании Johnson & JohnsonRussian4/15/2021
强生疫苗Simplified Chinese4/15/2021
Tallaalka Johnson & JohnsonSomali4/15/2021
Vắc xin Johnson & JohnsonVietnamese4/15/2021
DD Director COVID GuidanceEnglish3/24/2021
DD Director COVID Guidance RussianRussian3/24/2021
Hướng dẫn về COVID-19Vietnamese3/24/2021
新冠肺炎指南Simplified Chinese3/24/2021
Tilmaamaha La raacayo ee COVID-19Somali3/24/2021
Recomendaciones relacionadas con el COVID-19Spanish3/24/2021
DD Director Vaccine ChoiceEnglish2/9/2021
Напоминание о праве индивидуального выбора в вопросе вакцинации против заболевания COVID-19Russian2/9/2021
关于新冠肺炎疫苗的个人选择的提醒Simplified Chinese2/9/2021
Is xasuusinta Wax kala doorashada Qofka ee La xiriira Tallaalada COVID-19Somali2/9/2021
Recordatorio de la elección individual con relación a las vacunas para el COVID-19Spanish2/9/2021
Nhắc nhở về quyền lựa chọn của cá nhân đối với vắc-xin COVID-19Vietnamese2/9/2021
Ресурсы в области заболевания COVID-19Russian1/15/2021
新冠肺炎资源Simplified Chinese1/15/2021
Ilaha COVID-19Somali1/15/2021
Recursos para el COVID-19Spanish1/15/2021
Những nguồn thông tin/hỗ trợ về COVID-19Vietnamese1/15/2021
DD Director PSW Families COVIDEnglish1/12/2021
Поддержка семей в период пандемии заболевания COVID-19Russian1/12/2021
新冠肺炎期间的家庭支持Simplified Chinese1/12/2021
Apoyos a la Familia Durante COVID-19Spanish1/12/2021
Hỗ trợ gia đình trong thời gian đại dịch COVID-19Vietnamese1/12/2021
Taageerada Qoyska Inta lagu jiro COVID-19Somali1/12/2021
DD Director COVID Vaccine UpdateEnglish1/8/2021
Новая информация, касающаяся первого этапа распределения вакцины против заболевания COVID-19Russian1/8/2021
1A 期新冠肺炎疫苗的最新消息Simplified Chinese1/8/2021
Macluumaad cusub oo ku saabsan Wajiga 1 ee Tallaaka COVID-19Somali1/8/2021
Actualización de la Fase 1A de la vacuna para el COVIDSpanish1/8/2021
Cập nhật về vắc xin COVID-19 Giai đoạn 1Vietnamese1/8/2021
ODDS COVID Vaccine UpdateEnglish12/21/2020
1 期新冠肺炎疫苗Simplified Chinese12/21/2020
Первый этап распределения вакцины против заболевания COVID-19Russian12/21/2020
Wajiga 1 ee Tallaaka COVID-19Somali12/21/2020
Fase 1 de la vacuna para el COVID-19Spanish12/21/2020
Vắc-xin COVID-19 Giai đoạn 1Vietnamese12/21/2020
Holiday SafetyEnglish11/24/2020
Безопасность во время праздничных днейRussian11/24/2020
假日安全Simplified Chinese11/24/2020
Seguridad para la temporada de fiestasSpanish11/24/2020
An toàn Ngày lễVietnamese11/24/2020
ODDS COVID-19 vaccination planEnglish11/12/2020
План отдела ODDS по вакцинации против заболевания COVID19Russian11/12/2020
发育障碍人士服务办公室新冠肺炎疫苗接种计划Simplified Chinese11/12/2020
Qorshaha tallaalka ee ODDS COVID-19Somali11/12/2020
Plan de vacunación para el COVID-19 de la ODDSSpanish11/12/2020
Kế hoạch tiêm chủng COVID-19 của ODDSVietnamese11/12/2020
ODDS COVID Social PauseEnglish11/9/2020
ODDS COVID Social Pause RussianRussian11/9/2020
ODDS COVID Social Pause Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese11/9/2020
ODDS COVID Social Pause SomaliSomali11/9/2020
ODDS COVID Social Pause SpanishSpanish11/9/2020
ODDS COVID Social Pause VietnameseVietnamese11/9/2020
ODDS School GuidanceEnglish10/16/2020
Руководство по вопросам обучения от отдела ODDSRussian10/16/2020
发育障碍人士服务办公室学校指南Simplified Chinese10/16/2020
Hướng dẫn về Trường học của ODDSVietnamese10/16/2020
Summer Hours ExtendedEnglish8/24/2020
Summer Hours ExtendedArabic8/24/2020
Summer Hours ExtendedKorean8/24/2020
Summer Hours ExtendedKorean8/24/2020
Summer Hours ExtendedSimplified Chinese8/24/2020
Summer Hours ExtendedSomali8/24/2020
Summer Hours ExtendedSpanish8/24/2020
Summer Hours ExtendedTraditional Chinese8/24/2020
Summer Hours ExtendedVietnamese8/24/2020
Reminder of Contingency FundsEnglish8/4/2020
Phased County Guidance ReminderEnglish7/30/2020
Updated Guidance and Resources7/24/2020
Revised Testing GuidanceEnglish7/14/2020
Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetyEnglish7/2/2020
Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetySpanish7/2/2020
Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetyVietnamese7/2/2020
Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetyKorean7/2/2020
Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetyArabic7/2/2020
Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetyRussian7/2/2020
Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetySimplified Chinese7/2/2020
Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetyTraditional Chinese7/2/2020
Mask Requirements and GuidanceEnglish6/22/2020
Safety ReminderEnglish6/12/2020
Phase 2 Reopening GuidanceEnglish6/10/2020
DD Director Phase 1 Reopening GuidanceEnglish5/29/2020
DD Director ReopeningEnglish5/14/2020
Medical Rights InformationEnglish5/1/2020
Medical Rights Information-SpanishSpanish5/1/2020
Medical Rights Information-RussianRussian5/1/2020
Medical Rights Information-Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese5/1/2020
Medical Rights Information-Traditional ChineseTraditional Chinese5/1/2020
Medical Rights Information-VietnameseVietnamese5/1/2020
Medical Rights Information-ArabicArabic5/1/2020
Medical Rights Information-KoreanKorean5/1/2020
Medical Rights Information-SomaliSomali5/1/2020
COVID Update and Mandatory Reporter ReminderEnglish4/17/2020
Guidance Non-Discrimination TreatmentEnglish4/14/2020
Guidance Non-Discrimination Treatment-RussianRussian4/14/2020
Guidance Non-Discrimination Treatment-Traditional ChineseTraditional Chinese4/14/2020
Guidance Non-Discrimination Treatment-Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese4/14/2020
Guidance Non-Discrimination Treatment-SpanishSpanish4/14/2020
Guidance Non-Discrimination Treatment-VietnameseVietnamese4/14/2020
Family SupportsEnglish4/7/2020
Family Supports-SpanishSpanish4/7/2020
Family Supports-RussianRussian4/7/2020
Family Supports-Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese4/7/2020
Family Supports-Traditional ChineseTraditional Chinese4/7/2020
Family Supports-VietnameseVietnamese4/7/2020
COVID Update and Powtoon VideoEnglish4/3/2020
Stay at Home MessageEnglish4/1/2020
Stay at Home Message-SpanishSpanish4/1/2020
Stay at Home Message-RussianRussian4/1/2020
Stay at Home Message-Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese4/1/2020
Stay at Home Message-Traditional ChineseTraditional Chinese4/1/2020
Stay at Home Message-VietnameseVietnamese4/1/2020
Weekly Covid Update Director MessageEnglish3/27/2020
Director's Message COVID-19 UpdateEnglish3/13/2020
Director's Message - RussianRussian3/3/2020
Director's Message - VietnameseVietnamese3/3/2020
Director's Message - ChineseSimplified Chinese3/3/2020
Director's Message - SpanishSpanish3/3/2020
Director's MessageEnglish3/3/2020
Ammaanka FasaxaSomali


Developing a Plan for Returning to Work and ActivitiesEnglish4/8/2021
Updated Statewide Reopening Guidance – Masks, Face Coverings, Face ShieldsEnglish3/15/2021
Sector Guidance - GatheringsEnglish3/15/2021
Statewide Recommendations for TravelEnglish3/15/2021
COVID Risk Factor Powtoon Video - EnglishEnglish1/13/2021
COVID Risk Factor Powtoon Video - SpanishSpanish1/13/2021
ODDS COVID Vaccine FAQ 1-13-2021English1/13/2021
ODDS-COVID-Vaccine-FAQ-1-13-2021-SimplifiedChineseSimplified Chinese1/13/2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Phase 1a and GroupsEnglish1/11/2021
Фаза 1а вакцинации против заболевания COVID-19 и группы рискаRussian1/11/2021
Fase 1a y Grupos para la Vacuna para el COVID-19Spanish1/11/2021
新冠肺炎病毒疫苗第 1a 阶段和分组Simplified Chinese1/11/2021
Dịch COVID-19Các Nhóm người và vắc-xin Giai đoạn 1aVietnamese1/11/2021
Tallaalka Wajiga 1a ee COVID-19 iyo KooxahaSomali1/11/2021
COVID-19 Vaccine and I/DD ServicesEnglish1/5/2021
Вакцинация против заболевания COVID-19 и услуги отдела I/DDRussian1/5/2021
新冠肺炎病毒疫苗和智力与发育障碍人士服务Simplified Chinese1/5/2021
Tallaalka Wajiga 1a ee COVID-19 iyo Adeegyada I/DDSomali1/5/2021
Vacuna para el COVID-19 y Servicios para I/DD Spanish1/5/2021
Vắc-xin COVID-19 và Các Dịch vụ Khuyết tật Phát triểnVietnamese1/5/2021
ODDS School Year GuidanceEnglish10/16/2020
Cómo navegar el año escolar 2020-2021Spanish10/16/2020
Руководство на 2020-2021 учебный годRussian10/16/2020
2020-2021 学年指导Simplified Chinese10/16/2020
Định hướng Năm học 2020-2021Vietnamese10/16/2020
Qorsheynta Sanad Dugsiyeedka 2020-2021Somali10/16/2020
ODDS Supports for Navigating Work During COVID-19English10/15/2020
COVID 19 Return to Work VideoEnglish8/31/2020
ODDS COVID Volver al TrabajoSpanish8/31/2020
ODDS School Year Hours InfographicEnglish8/21/2020
Summer Hours School Year GraphicArabic8/21/2020
Summer Hours School Year GraphicVietnamese8/21/2020
Summer Hours School Year GraphicSpanish8/21/2020
Summer Hours School Year GraphicSomali8/21/2020
Summer Hours School Year GraphicSimplified Chinese8/21/2020
Summer Hours School Year GraphicRussian8/21/2020
Summer Hours School Year GraphicTraditional Chinese8/21/2020
Summer Hours School Year GraphicKorean8/21/2020
Covid Medical Rights Fact SheetEnglish8/20/2020
Covid Medical Rights Resources SheetEnglish8/20/2020
Sample Tool for Documenting Medical Treatment PreferencesEnglish8/20/2020
ODDS Contact Tracing Video SpanishSpanish8/12/2020
Contact Tracing VideoEnglish7/27/2020
Testing Guidance for People with Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesEnglish7/8/2020
Testing Guidance for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities SpanishSpanish7/8/2020
DRO: Mask Wearing and the Americans with Disabilities Act7/2/2020
ODDS Fact Sheet: Unemployment Insurance, COVID-19 Stimulus Money, and other Financial SupportsEnglish6/24/2020
ODDS COVID Reopening Spanish VideoSpanish6/8/2020
Template_Lifecourse Trajectory5/29/2020
Template_Lifecourse Integrated Star5/29/2020
Sample Trajectory_COVID5/28/2020
Sample Integrated Star_COVID5/28/2020
ODDS COVID Reopening Guidance VideoEnglish5/27/2020
ODDS Phase 1 Reopening Safety IndividualsEnglish5/26/2020
ODDS Phase 1 Reopening Safety Individuals ArabicArabic5/25/2020
ODDS Phase 1 Reopening Safety Individuals RussianRussian5/25/2020
ODDS Phase 1 Reopening Safety Individuals SpanishSpanish5/25/2020
ODDS Phase 1 Reopening Safety Individuals Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese5/25/2020
ODDS Phase 1 Reopening Safety Individuals Traditional ChineseTraditional Chinese5/25/2020
ODDS Phase 1 Reopening Safety Individuals VietnameseVietnamese5/25/2020
ODDS Phase 1 Reopening Safety Individuals SomaliSomali5/25/2020
ODDS Phase 1 Reopening Safety Individuals KoreanKorean5/25/2020
Exposure Notice Child Letter ODDS5/19/2020
Exposure Notice Individual Letter ODDS5/19/2020
Exposure Notice Individual Letter ODDSArabic5/19/2020
Exposure Notice Individual Letter ODDSKorean5/19/2020
Exposure Notice Individual Letter ODDSRussian5/19/2020
Exposure Notice Individual Letter ODDSSimplified Chinese5/19/2020
Exposure Notice Individual Letter ODDSSomali5/19/2020
Exposure Notice Individual Letter ODDSSpanish5/19/2020
Exposure Notice Individual Letter ODDSTraditional Chinese5/19/2020
Exposure Notice Individual Letter ODDSVietnamese5/19/2020
ODDS COVID Stakeholder WebinarEnglish5/12/2020
ODDS Stakeholder Webinar Spanish TranscriptSpanish5/12/2020
ODDS Stakeholder Webinar FAQEnglish5/11/2020
Covid Medical Rights Fact Sheet Korean5/4/2020
Covid Medical Rights Fact Sheet ArabicArabic4/28/2020
Covid Medical Rights Fact Sheet SpanishSpanish4/28/2020
Covid Medical Rights Fact Sheet Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese4/28/2020
Covid Medical Rights Fact Sheet SomaliSomali4/28/2020
Covid Medical Rights Fact Sheet Traditional ChineseTraditional Chinese4/28/2020
Covid Medical Rights Fact Sheet VietnameseVietnamese4/28/2020
Covid Medical Rights Fact Sheet RussianRussian4/28/2020
COVID-19 Guidance for Entry into Acute Health Care FacilitiesEnglish4/27/2020
Covid Medical Rights Resources Sheet RussianRussian4/27/2020
Covid Medical Rights Resources Sheet ArabicArabic4/27/2020
Covid Medical Rights Resources Sheet SomaliSomali4/27/2020
Covid Medical Rights Resources Sheet SpanishSpanish4/27/2020
Covid Medical Rights Resources Sheet Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese4/27/2020
Covid Medical Rights Resources Sheet VietnameseVietnamese4/27/2020
Covid Medical Rights Resources Sheet Traditional ChineseTraditional Chinese4/27/2020
211 Info4/20/2020
ODDS COVID-19 Info Video SpanishSpanish4/20/2020
ODDS Stay Home Save Lives video SpanishSpanish4/20/2020
Treatment Guidelines Relating to Non Discrimination in Medical Treatment for COVID 19English4/13/2020
Covid Stay at Home Video3/31/2020
ODDS Covid 19 Podcast3/23/2020
ODDS In Home Covid Individuals Communication SpanishSpanish3/17/2020
ODDS In Home Covid Individuals Communication - RussianRussian3/17/2020
ODDS In Home Covid Individuals Communication Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese3/17/2020
ODDS In Home Covid Individuals Communication VietnameseVietnamese3/17/2020
ODDS Covid 19 Video3/14/2020
Novel Coronavirus Fact Sheet-EnglishEnglish3/6/2020
Novel Coronavirus Fact Sheet-Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese3/5/2020
Novel Coronavirus Fact Sheet-SpanishSpanish3/5/2020
Novel Coronavirus Fact Sheet-VietnameseVietnamese3/5/2020
Novel Coronavirus Fact Sheet-RussianRussian3/5/2020