Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Client Data Books

2006August 2006, 18 pages
2007July 2007, 17 pages
2008July 2008, 41 pages
2008December 2008, 17 pages
2010June 2010, 18 pages
2011December 2011, 19 pages
2012June 2012, 19 pages
2013June 2013, 19 pages
2013December 2013, 19 pages
2014June 2014, 19 pages

Employment Outcomes System

The Employment Outcomes System is a semi-annual report of performance outcomes for adults with developmental disabilities who are employed or are alternately employed. SPD distributes the survey forms, collects the data submitted, and produces this semi-annual report in accordance with ORS 427.007.

2005March 2005 Report
2005September 2005 Report
2006March 2006 Report
2006September 2006 Report
2007March 2007 Report
2007September 2007 Report
2008September 2008 Report
2009March 2009 Report
2010Spring 2010 Comprehensive Services
2010Fall 2010 Comprehensive Services Summary
2010Fall 2010 All Services Summary
2010Fall 2010 Brokerage Services Summary
2011Spring 2011 Comprehensive Services Summary
2011Spring 2011 All Services Summary
2011Spring 2011 Brokerage Services Summary
2011Fall 2011 All Services Summary
2011Fall 2011 Brokerage Services Summary
2011Fall 2011 Comprehensive Services Summary
2004March 2004 - Newsletter
2004September 2004 Report
2003September 2003 Report
2009September 2009 Report
2004March 2004 Report
20142010-2014 All EOS Services Summary
2014Spring 2014 All Services Summary
2014Spring 2014 Comprehensive Services Summary

Direct Care Staffing Turnover Reports

20122012 Statewide Summary
20042004 Statewide Summary
20052005 Statewide Summary
20062006 Statewide Summary
20072007 Statewide Summary
20082008 Statewide Summary
20092009 Statewide Summary
20102010 Statewide Summary
20112011 Statewide Summary

Rate Schedules

Aging and People with Disabilities - Rate Schedule
Aging and People with Disabilities - Supplemental Rate Information
Targeted Case Management Services - CDDP
Targeted Case Management Services - Support Services

Reports and Publications

APD Waiver Renewal Draft 8-22-16
Autism - An Introduction for Parents and Guide to Oregon's Human Service System - 33 pages
Brokerage Plan Annual Benefit Levels
Disability Employment Awareness Month Proclamation
Long-Term Care Facility Tax - Provider Frequently Asked Questions
ODDS Workplan Presentation
Public Notice - Medically Involved Childrens Waiver

Lane v. Brown Proposed Settlement

The state has reached agreement on a proposed settlement in Lane v. Brown, the class action involving employment services that Oregon provides to people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD).

Client Letter - English
Client Letter - Spanish
Guide for Individuals on Proposed Settlement
Lane Fully Executed Settlement Agreement
Proposed Class Action Settlement
Provider Letter
Settlement Questions

​Lane v. Brown Amended Order Approving Settlement