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Employment Disqualifiers

Certain convictions DISQUALIFY you from being certified. Lifetime disqualifiers listed below will cause your application for Correctional Officer to be rejected. Failure to disclose a conviction may result in your application being rejected from consideration.

NOTE: If you have criminal history that you believe should have been “expunged” or removed from your record, but you do not know (proof in hand) that it was expunged or removed; you should verify your belief prior to applying. A crime is not removed from your record until you go through the formal process to have it removed. Believing a conviction was removed, or forgetting a conviction existed, is not a valid defense and your application for Correctional Officer will be denied.

The Following Convictions are Lifetime Disqualifiers From Applying.

25.785 (3) (False Submission of a Statement Regarding Social Security Number);
106.041 (5) (Intentional False Statement on Marriage License; Application);
162.075 (False swearing);
162.085 (Unsworn falsification);
162.145 (Escape in the third degree);
162.175 (Unauthorized departure);
162.195 (Failure to appear in the second degree);
162.235 (Obstructing governmental or judicial administration);
162.247 (Interfering with a peace officer);
162.257 (Interfering with a firefighter or emergency medical technician);
162.295 (Tampering with physical evidence);
162.305 (Tampering with public records);
162.315 (Resisting arrest);
162.335 (Compounding);
162.365 (Criminal impersonation);
162.369 (Possession of false law enforcement identification);
162.375 (Initiating a false report);
162.385 (Giving false information to a peace officer for a citation or arrest warrant);
162.415 (Official misconduct in the first degree);
163.200 (Criminal mistreatment in the second degree);
163.454 (Custodial sexual misconduct in the second degree);
163.687 (Encouraging child sexual abuse in the third degree);
163.732 (Stalking);
164.045 (Theft in the second degree);
164.085 (Theft by deception);
164.095 (Theft by receiving);
164.125 (Theft of services);
164.235 (Possession of a burglary tool or theft device);
164.877 (Unlawful tree spiking; unlawful possession of substance that can damage certain wood processing equipment);
165.007 (Forgery in the second degree);
165.017 (Criminal possession of a forged instrument in the second degree);
165.037 (Criminal simulation);
165.042 (Fraudulently obtaining a signature);
165.047 (Unlawfully using slugs);
165.055 (Fraudulent use of a credit card);
165.065 (Negotiating a bad check);
165.080 (Falsifying business records);
165.095 (Misapplication of entrusted property);
165.100 (Issuing a false financial statement);
165.102 (Obtain execution of documents by deception);
165.118 (1) (Unlawfully Altering Metal Property);
165.118 (2)(a)(b) (False Statement on a Metal Property Record);
165.825 (Sale of drugged horse);
166.065 (1)(b) (Harassment);
166.155 (Intimidation in the second degree);
166.270 (Possession of weapons by certain felons);
166.350 (Unlawful possession of armor-piercing ammunition);
166.416 (Providing false information in connection with a transfer of a firearm);
166.418 (Improperly transferring a firearm);
166.470 (Limitations and conditions for sales of firearms);
167.007 (Prostitution);
167.075 (Exhibiting an obscene performance to a minor);
167.132 (Possession of gambling records in the second degree);
167.147 (Possession of a gambling device);
167.222 (Frequenting a place where controlled substances are used);
167.262 (Adult using minor in commission of controlled substance offense);
167.320 (Animal abuse in the first degree);
167.330 (Animal neglect in the first degree);
167.332 (Prohibition against possession of domestic animal);
167.333 (Sexual assault of animal);
167.337 (Interfering with law enforcement animal);
167.355 (Involvement in animal fighting);
167.370 (Participation in dogfighting);
167.431 (Participation in cockfighting);
167.820 (Concealing the birth of an infant);
305.815 (False Swearing of Return, Statement or Other Tax Document);
307.990 (Willful False Statement to Property Tax Assessment Officer);
398.224 (Refusal to Appear to Testify);
462.415 (2) (Racing a Prohibited Animal);
462.420 (Stimulating or Depressing Participating Animal);
462.430 (Influencing the Results of Races);
462.450 (Possession, Transportation or Use of Drugs at Race Course);
462.460 (Racing an Animal Under Name or Designation Other than Registered Name or Designation or Altering License);
462.470 (Aiding or Abetting Racing Animal Under Name or Designation Other than Registered Name or Designation);
475.525 (Sale of drug paraphernalia);
475.840 (Manufacture or deliver a controlled substance);
475.860 (Unlawful delivery of marijuana);
475.864 (Unlawful possession of marijuana);
475.906 (Distribution of controlled substance to minors);
475.910 (Application of controlled substance to the body of another person);
475.912 (Unlawful delivery of imitation controlled substance);
475.914 (Unlawful acts, registrant delivering or dispensing controlled substance);
475.916 (Prohibited acts involving records and fraud);
475.918 (Falsifying drug test results);
475.920 (Providing drug test falsification equipment);
475.950 (Failure to report precursor substances transaction);
475.955 (Failure to report missing precursor substances);
475.960 (Illegally selling drug equipment);
475.965 (Providing false information on precursor substances report or record);
475.969 (Unlawful possession of phosphorus);
475.971 (Unlawful possession of anhydrous ammonia);
475.973 (Unlawful possession of ephedrine, pseudoephedrine or phenylpropanolamine; unlawful distribution);
475.975 (Unlawful possession of iodine in its elemental form);
475.976 (Unlawful possession of iodine matrix);
657.300 (False Statements or Failure to Report Material Fact by Employer);
657.495 (Fraudulently Lowering Contributions);
658.415 (False Swearing or Affirmation of Application of License, Proof of Insurance and Financial Responsibilities of Farm Labor Contractors);
659.810 (Filing a False Statement with Employment Agency to Secure Labor);
679.170 (3) (Fraudulent Alteration of Diploma, Certificate or Transcript);
679.170 (5) (Willful False Statement to Oregon Board of Dentistry);
689.995 (Willfully Furnishing False Information; Pharmacists, Drug Outlets, Drug Sales);
807.520 (False swearing to receive license);
807.620 (Giving false information to police officer);

Any offense involving any acts of domestic violence as defined in ORS 135.230.