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Staff Wellness
Wellness Overview
The purpose of wellness promotion is to improve the health and well-being of Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) employees’ lives through health education and workplace health promotion activities that will support positive lifestyle changes.  
"Wellness" can cover many things. DOC is focusing on: Physical Fitness, Nutrition, Mental Health & Stress Reduction, Chronic Disease Management, Financial Security, Disease & Injury Prevention, Generational Workforce Issues, Family Health, and Care Giver & Elderly Concerns.  
This Web site is provided as a resource for local functional unit Wellness Committees and employees. Click on the links below for more information:

EAP Cascade Counseling 
Free and Clear Tobacco use Cessation Program  2010 DOC Wellness Survey Results 
Public Employee Benefits  2009 DOC Wellness Survey Results 
Wellness options at DOC functional units  2008 DOC Wellness Survey Results
Wellness Policy
DOC is providing informational links on this page to help improve the wellness of DOC staff. We recommend you consult with your personal physician before adopting any changes in your diet or exercise habits. Also, DOC does not automatically endorse the content provided by links to other organizations or providers.
Influenza Information
In preparation for flu season, PEBB has updated the influenza information on their web page. The web page contains lots of useful information including information on influenza prevention, flu shot clinics, and an updated Q & A on workforce issues.
Bottled Water - Do we need it?
Bottled water is bad for your wallet, your health and your environment.  
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Physical Fitness
The strength and endurance gains of regular exercise make daily tasks easier on your body and if you look and feel better about yourself, you'll be more confident and have greater self-esteem. You not only might live longer if you exercise regularly, but also might live more years independently and with a better quality of life. Exercise helps strengthen your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, keeps bones and muscles strong, manages your weight, eases depression, manages pain and stress and helps you sleep better. What more incentive do you need? 
Check out the following fitness links for motivation, advice, program discounts and self-assessment: 
Find a Fitness Center That Fits You ​
​​Physical Fitness for Everyone 

To find fresh, locally grown and sustainably produced food in your local area, visit the Eat Well Guide  
Check out the following links for nutritional guidelines, healthy recipes, weight control advice, and healthy cooking tips: 
Nutrition Basics

American Heart Assoc. Nutrition Center Nutrition and Healthy Eating
My Plate Portion Control

Healthy Recipes

American Cancer Society Recipes   Nutrition and Recipes from the Diabetes Assoc.
Healthy Recipes from the Mayo Clinic

Weight Control

American Cancer Society Weight Control Program
BMI Calculator from the CDC
Weight Watchers


Mental Health & Stress Reduction

Stress management along with rest is a critical factor contributing towards our overall wellness and quality of life. Our mental and emotional health can have a direct affect upon our physical health and healing.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
The employee Assistance Program is a FREE and confidential benefit that can assist you and your eligible family members with any personal problems, large or small, such as: marital conflict, interpersonal relationships, work conflicts, anxiety or depression, career changes, stress management, family relationships, grief, and alcohol or drug abuse.
Check out the following links for information on self-assessment, anger management, substance and domestic abuse issues, employee assistance programs and other mental health information and resources: 


American Psychological Assoc. (APA) (APA) Mental Health Resources from the Mayo Clinic
Anger Management information  National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH)
Cubical Etiquette Quit Smoking Central
Cultivate a Network of Friends Quit Smoking Community
Domestic Abuse Issues, identifiers
Eating Disorders  Resilience: Build Skills to Endure Hardship 
Freedom From Smoking Smoking Cessation Program
Guide to Quit Smoking Substance Abuse Issues 
Holiday Stress  What's Normal What's Not from the Mayo Clinic​
Financial Security

Information, tools and advice on protecting your identity, credit and debt, wills, savings plans, financial planning and trusts (also see Public Employee Benefits). 
Check out the following links and documents for money saving ideas and future planning:


AARP: Credit and Debt Legal & Financial Resources (Cascade Center)
AARP: Financial Planning   Legal Worksheet for Your Will (pdf)
AARP: Keeping Track of Valuable Docs (pdf) Work Family Life (EAP)​
ID Theft Information 

Cascade Centers Incorporated offers financial and legal benefits, which means that we, as DOC employees, have a free financial or legal consultation.  All we need to do is call Cascade Centers office at 503-639-4254 and make an appointment.  DOC employees also have full access to a legal and financial library through the Cascade Centers Web site.  Below are some various handouts that can assist you in planning and budgeting: 


Daily Expenses Budget (pdf) How to Make a Budget & Stick to It 
Debt Consolidation (Warning & Suggestions) Investing or Paying Off Deft 
Finances: Credit & Divorce  Retirement Budget Planning Worksheet 
Financial Planners  Top Things to Know When Choosing a Financial Planner 
How to Choose a Planner   


Caregiver & Elderly Concerns

As adults we may take on dual roles in our families, as not only parents to our children, but caregivers to our parents.  As such, we can be faced with unique stresses and decisions. These links provide information and resources in dealing with this role (see also Family Health).
Caregiver Topics

Alzheimer's Association Foundation for Health in Aging
Caring for Someone with Alzheimer's Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Issues
Elder Care Locator State of Oregon: Seniors & People with Disabilities **
Family Caregiver Alliance *

*Family Caregiver Alliance assists families with the following subjects: Assisted living, Dementia, Controlling frustration, Medications, Depression, Holding a Family Meeting, Work and Eldercare, End of Life Choices, Grief and Loss, Hiring In-Home help, Support groups, Self Care for Caregivers and Legal issues. 
**The State of Oregon site contains: Long-term care guides, food and financial help, At Risk driver information, Health and Medical information, Legal Issues, Respite Care, and community support programs.

Chronic Disease Management

Get help making treatment decisions, understanding the effects of treatment, coping with side effects, learning techniques to help manage chronic conditions. Examples of chronic illness or conditions are: Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Diabetes, Asthma, Heart Disease, Arthritis or Depression.
Check out the following links for helpful resources in managing chronic illness: 

American Cancer Society  Health Check Tools and Topics
Asthma Information from the Mayo Clinic Heart Diseases & Conditions Resources 
CDC Diseases and Conditions  Managing High Blood Pressure 
Diabetes Website Signs & Symptoms of a Heart Attack
Frequent Asked Questions About Arthritis  Specific Disease Resources, Symptoms Checker


Disease & Injury Prevention

Disease and injury impacts more than the person who is ill. It also impacts family, co-workers and friends as well. It thwarts our abilities, our finances and our dreams. In its essence, prevention is an act of caring.  
Check out the following links and documents for resources to aid employees in preventing personal injury and maintaining their health: 
Injury Prevention

Evaluating Your Computer Workstation (pdf) Planning for Workplace Emergencies (pdf)
Ladders, Use and Care (pdf) Proper Lifting Techniques (slide show)
Oregon OSHA Injury Prevention 

Flu and Communicable Disease Prevention

Flu Prevention  Hand Washing Guidelines for Disease Prevention  
Food Borne Illness  Info on Infections Disease, Colds & Flu's 
Food Preparation Safety 


Family Health

Information on Child/Teen/Adult and Senior Health Issues, children's emotional health, parenting, safety tips, and family activities.
Children/Teen Topics

Back to School: Tips for Parents  Home Alone Children
Child Care Information  Parenting News and Information
Children's Health Concerns from the Mayo Clinic Teen's Health Concerns from the Mayo Clinic

Senior Health Topics

Exercise: Getting Fit For Life  Senior Health from the Mayo Clinic​
Forgetfulness: It's Not Only What You Think!  Senior Health Topics ​​
Foundation for Health in Aging 

General Family Topics
Community Service: A Family Guide to Getting Involved  Positive Parenting 
Family Issue Search Taking Care of your Grandchildren  
Kids Health  Travel and Vacation Planning


Generational Workforce Issues

"Every generation is influenced by its period's economic, political and social events, so it follows that generational context also may affect the way they work....A lack of understanding across generations can have detrimental effects on communication and working relationships and undermine effective services." (from APA article)
The following resources explore these differences and provide tools for understanding:

Generational Differences at Work