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Administrative Rules, Accreditation, and Compliance

Oregon Administrative Rules 

Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) are a state agency's interpretation and implementation of Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) or laws. These OARs are related to school libraries:


The Northwest Accreditation Commission, a division of AdvancED, accredits schools in Oregon.

  • School library programs are no longer called out in their accreditation standards (bottom of page).

  • School or district staff may point to their library program as evidence of meeting certain indicators.

  • For example, this is indicator 3.6:
    The institution provides access to information resources and materials to support curriculum, programs, and needs of students, staff, and the institition.

Continuous Improvement Plans 

HB2586 is legislation that requires Oregon school districts to plan for strong school library programs as part of their district-level Continuous Improvement Plans (CIP). CIPs are usually due in June on a three-year rotating schedule. However, all school districts must submit a CIP by June 28, 2019
Districts may decide which indicators to address based on their goals. There are two school library indicators, as formerly detailed in the Oregon Department of Education's district-level supporting document, Resources & Research (PDF):

  • The district provides all students and staff in each school with equitable access to a comprehensive library program which provides instruction in information literacy and research proficiencies, promotes integration of digital learning resources, advances reading engagement, and creates collaborative learning opportunities with teachers (DTL5.5).

  • The district ensures that all students and staff in each school have equitable access to a professionally-developed and well-managed school library collection of current and diverse print and electronic resources that supports teaching and learning, college and career readiness, and reading engagement (DTL5.6).   

Division 22 & Compliance

Every February, school districts must submit a Division 22 Assurance of Compliance form to the Oregon Department of Education indicating whether or not they are in compliance with the standards in OAR Chapter 581, Division 22.  
  • The administrative rule about school library programs is included because it is part of Division 22. 

  • If a district is not in compliance with a mandate, staff must indicate how they plan to achieve compliance.

  • Districts must share compliance information with their board and the community by February 1, which includes posting their report on the district website by that date; districts must submit the assurance form to the Oregon Department of Education by February 15. 

  • Someone who disagrees with compliance information that a district submits must file a complaint at the district level; if that is not resolved, then a complaint may be initiated with the Oregon Department of Eduction.
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