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Replanting forests

Why plant trees?

Oregon's economy and environment benefit from trees. Approximately 10 million acres of Oregon's forestland is owned and managed by private landowners (industry and family owned). Trees provide a variety of jobs, wood products, fish and wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, protect watersheds, etc.

Oregon was the first state to have rules required the replanting of trees after a timber harvest. Reforestation rules ensure the continuous harvest of timber on private lands. The Oregon Forest Practices Act regulates activities on forestland including reforestation.

Keys to success

The key to a successful planting project is preparation. The most common projects usually involve timber production, conversion (converting grass or brush to forest), wildlife, legacy planning, or a combination of these objectives.

Ask yourself these questions when planning a reforestation project:

  • What is my objective?
  • Is the site capable of meeting my expectations?
  • Will my investment result in the desired outcome?
  • Are there cost-sharing programs, grants or tax credits to help offset expenses?

Landowners needing help are encouraged to contact a qualified consulting forester or other professional forester for advice.

The Guide to Reforestation in Oregon is another tool for forest landowners and offers step–by–step directions to convert bare or recently logged lands to stands of healthy, “free to grow” trees.

Find seedlings

ODF strives to connect forest landowners with forest nurseries around the state through our annual Sources of Native Forest Nursery Seedlings publication. If your nursery can help Oregon’s family forest landowners with their tree planting projects and would like to be included in this publication, please contact the Salem Private Forests Division.

Seedling nursery listings by region are also available for many forest tree species of interest.

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