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Forest Practices Act

The Oregon Forest Practices Act (FPA) sets standards for all commercial activities involving the establishment, management, or harvesting of trees on Oregon’s forestlands.

Oregon law gives the Board of Forestry primary responsibility to interpret the FPA and set rules for forest practices. ODF is responsible for enforcing those requirements by:

  • Reviewing pre-operations plans
  • Overseeing operations
  • Ensuring reforestation
  • Investigating complaints
  • Enforcing corrective actions when violations occur

ODF works with landowners and operators to help them comply with the requirements of the FPA.

Proposed rules for wildlife food plots

Public comments on draft rules to allow wildlife food plots in Oregon forestlands are closed.

View notice of proposed rulemaking.


Oregon House Bill 3013, which took effect in January 2016, allows forest landowners to have wildlife food plots. The statute that arose from the bill is Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 527.678. This statute requires the Board of Forestry to adopt rules to allow wildlife food plots to be an approved activity under the Forest Practices Act (FPA).

A wildlife food plot is defined as a small area of forestland that, instead of being used to grow and harvest forest trees, is planted in vegetation for wildlife nutrition. Small forestland is defined as ownerships greater than 10 acres and less than 5,000. Maximum food plot sizes on those ownerships range from a quarter acre to 50 acres.

Draft rules were developed with input from the Committee for Family Forestlands, the Tribal Cultural Resources Cluster and the three Regional Forest Practices Committees. Staff also consulted with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Input from these groups has been consolidated in the draft rule language.

Next steps

  • Review and summarize public comment in a report to the Committee for Family Forestlands in the spring 2020
  • Present final proposed rules to Board of Forestry for adoption in summer 2020
  • Rules effective fall 2020



Stewardship agreements

Stewardship agreements are voluntary land management agreements available to landowners under Oregon’s Forest Practices Act rules. They were established by the Oregon Legislature in their current form through House Bill 2114-B in 2007.

Under a stewardship agreement, a landowner agrees to exceed ODF regulatory requirements designed to protect natural resources, such as water quality and fish and wildlife habitat, in exchange for long-term regulatory certainty under Forest Practices Act rules.

For questions or interest in applying, email Nate Agalzoff.

Key elements

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