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Timber sales

ODF offers a number of ways to help keep Oregon forests healthy and working through contracting special forest services, timber sales, reforestation and other administrative tasks.

On state owned forestlands, almost all timber sales are sold through a bidding process. Percentages of revenue from these timber sales go to respective counties, with the remainder allocated to the ODF State Forests Division. This revenue is used for administration, forest planning, environmental research, and water quality monitoring, among other activities, ensuring forest management provides a range of benefits.

Timber sales information

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Reforestation service contracts

Coho lawsuit

Log prices

ODF quarterly pond values will no longer be published on this webpage. ODF is now using subscription services to obtain log prices for our Timber Appraisal System, and is no longer soliciting quarterly pond values from mills.

See log term definitions or view the pond value map for more information about log prices. Download a complete list of pond values to search historical pond value records.


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