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Scenic Byways Program

Oregon Scenic Byways Driving Guide coverOregon's roads Oregon's roads showcase the state's grandeur. The ability to access Oregon's diverse natural beauty, as well as historical and cultural sites has earned it 29 designated Scenic Byways and Tour Routes. On some byways, you'll drive from high desert to snowcapped peaks to verdant valleys in one go. You'll experience breathtaking views of Hells Canyon, Crater Lake, the Columbia River Gorge and the Pacific coastline. Oregon has four route designation categories – All-American Roads, National Scenic Byways and Tour Routes – which comprise the most beautiful scenery in Oregon.

If you're on the go, request a printed copy of the Oregon Scenic Byways Driving Guide. This guide highlights the unique viewpoints and attractions along the scenic routes, including maps outlining the must-see stops along each byway and details like mileage, drive times, best travel seasons and other helpful information for planning your trip. For an interactive online experience, visit Travel Oregon's website for scenic byway itineraries and more.


Tour Oregon's Newest Scenic Byways

Corridor Management Plans

Scenic Byways are maintained by Corridor Management Plans. In an effort to meet transparency and accessibility goals, Corridor Management Plans of existing Oregon Scenic Byways will be available in this section.

Scenic Byway Signs and Logos

The following documents give direction for the design and use of Scenic Byway Signs and Logos:

Please note: The following logos and signs are provided for reference only. Do not use these images without prior permission from Marie Kennedy, ODOT Sign Engineer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Dormancy FAQ and Contacts

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