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Explore ODOT Careers

Explore what is happening at the Oregon Department of Transportation. Discover our passionate, talented, diverse workforce of over 4,700, and who knows, you may find an interesting career opportunity for yourself!

Our exciting, fast-paced work has legal, statewide and long-term significance. We love rubbing elbows with government officials and the news media.

Chances are you’ve met some of us. We protect your ID and promote safety on the road. We strive to exceed expectations one customer at a time.

We’re here to help. We provide anything our employees need, including financial, technological, facilities, process improvement and recruitment support.

We design, construct, and maintain ways to get folks from here to there. We don’t like to brag, but we are transportation experts.

The commercial trucking industry is so important to our economy. We help to make sure truckers and cargo travel safely, efficiently and legally.

We expand travel options, improve access for people in need, and help the environment. We keep railroad workers and the public safe. Cool, right?


Improving sustainability, tourism, safety and the economy is our jam. We are problem-solvers, researchers, innovators, and long-term planners.

We are super interested in all things transportation safety. We help everyone – ODOT employees and the traveling public – work and get around safely.

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