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Strategic Action Plan



We're committed to developing a modern, reliable transportation system that serves all Oregonians.

We're building a system that seamlessly supports daily life and a strong, diverse economy. Oregon's future transportation system will be efficient, innovative and technologically advanced. It will offer a wide range of choices to promote a healthy environment and serve users with diverse needs, including those the system has not served well in the past.

To create this system and meet new demands, ODOT must evolve. We must focus on the future, respond to the needs of communities across the state, and hold ourselves accountable to those we serve.

Our roadmap: the 2021-2023 Strategic Action Plan, which describes our priorities, goals and outcomes for the next three years. 

Priorities and Goals

Eugene Rapid Bus
The 2021-23 Strategic Action Plan has three main priorities and each has specific goals and outcomes attached. Click on each goal to learn more.

Equity idcon Equity– Prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion by identifying and addressing systemic barriers to ensure all Oregonians benefit from transportation services and investments.
Modern Transportation System – Build, maintain and operate a modern, multimodal transportation system to serve all Oregonians, address climate change, and help Oregon communities and economies thrive.
Funding iconSufficient and Reliable Funding – Seek sufficient and reliable funding to support a modern transportation system and a fiscally sound ODOT.

Nested beneath each priority are goals that further focus our work.

While each individual goal is important, it is the interrelationship among the goals that make the whole more valuable than the sum of its parts.

At the heart of this Strategic Action Plan are near-term strategic outcomes designed to advance not an isolated objective, but multiple goals concurrently. The goals provide a framework to deliver on our priorities simultaneously.

Looking to the Future


Change is a constant, but whatever the future brings we are committed to providing Oregonians with a safe, equitable, modern, and well-funded transportation system. Join us in advancing this vision. 

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