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Oregon Transit and Taxi Providers

Click on the accordion bars below to find provider information. Please visit the provider websites for the most up-to-date service change information.

All Oregon Transit and Taxi Providers

Portland/Metro Area and North Willamette Valley

North/Central Coast and Central Willamette Valley

South Coast, Valleys and Southwest Cascades

Central Oregon

Eastern Oregon

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Transportation Brokerages

Transportation Brokerages are local entities that contract with the Oregon Health Authority to provide non-emergent transportation services to Oregon Health Plan (OHP) clients who receive OHP Plus (BMM, BMH, BMD, CWX) benefits.

Each brokerage has a call center that arranges rides for clients going to Medicaid-covered health care services. You must apply to receive rides from the brokerage service in your area in advance before requesting a ride. The requirements for you to qualify for a ride include:

  • Verifying that you are eligible to receive a ride,
  • Verifying that the appointment is for a Medicaid-covered service,
  • Verifying that you do not have other means to get to the appointment, and 
  • Authorizing the most appropriate type of transportation service based on your needs.
Map of Brokerages in Oregon