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Advisory Opinions by Category
The opinions are in PDF format.
Code Topic  Staff Opinion No. Advisory Opinion No. 
1 Conflicts of interest in general 97S-002, 98S-010, 98S-01398S-026, 98S-03299S-009, 99S-031, 01S-017, 01S-018, 01S-022, 02S-008, 02S-013, 02S-026, 02S-033, 03S-002,03S-003, 03S-006, 03S-007, 03S-008, 03S-012,03S-013, 03S-016, 03S-018, 03S-019, 03S-020, 04S-002, 04S-003, 04S-004, 04S-007,04S-008, 04S-009, 04S-01005S-003, 05S-004,05S-005,
05S-007,05S-00805S-010,05S-011,05S-009,06S-00206S-00806S-009, 06S-011,06S-012,06S-014,06S-015,06S-016, 06S-019, 06S-022, 06S-024, 07S-002, 07S-003, 08S-00512S-001  , 14S-001, 14S-002, 14S-003, 15S-002, 15S-004
01A-1001, 01A-1012, 02A-1007, 03A-1002, 03A-1003, 03A-1004, 03A-1005, 03A-1007, 04A-1002, 05A-100206A-1001, 07A-100111A-100212A-1003 , 12-1004, 14A-1001  16A-1001
2 Conflicts regarding a relative 97S-00197S-008, 97S-018, 97S-027, 99S-013, 99S-015,99S-022, 00S-006, 00S-011, 00S-016, 00S-023, 00S-024, 01S-011, 01S-014, 02S-004, 02S-006, 02S-012, 02S-027, 03S-003, 03S-007, 03S-018,
05S-003 , 06S-010, 06S-012, 06S-016, 07S-004, 14S-003
97A-1001,01A-1009, 02A-1001, 02A-1003, 03A-1007, 05A-1002, 05A-100506A-100106A-1002, 11A-1002
3 Conflicts regarding a public official or business which a public official or a relative is associated 97S-001, 97S-006, 97S-011, 97S-015, 97S-017, 97S-021, 97S-022, 97S-023, 97S-024, 97S-030, 97S-032, 97S-033, 98S-008, 98S-011, 98S-013, 98S-014, 98S-015, 98S-016, 98S-020, 98S-025, 98S-027, 98S-028, 98S-036, 98S-040, 99S-003, 99S-006, 99S-010, 99S-012, 99S-023, 00S-003, 00S-005, 00S-008, 00S-011, 00S-012, 00S-013, 01S-007, 01S-017, 02S-008, 02S-014, 02S-026, 03S-001, 03S-002, 03S-003, 03S-006, 03S-008, 03S-016, 04S-002,
04S-004, 04S-007, 04S-008, 04S-009, 04S-010, 05S-004, 05S-005,
05S-00805S-011,05S-009 ,06S-008,06S-009, 06S-010,06S-014,06S-015, 06S-019, 06S-020, 06S-021,06S-023, 07S-002, 07S-003, 07S-004, 08S-00511S-00112S-001,  14S-001, 14S-002, 14S-003, 15S-002, 15S-004
01A-1012, 02A-1007, 03A-1002, 03A-1003, 03A-1004, 03A-1007, 04A-1002, 06A-100207A-1001, 11A-1002, 12A-1003, 12-1004, 16A-1001

4 Conflicts of interest between two public positions 98S-02300S-023, 01S-002, 01S-018,02S-007, 02S-028, 02S-033, 03S-003, 04S-001, 04S-00306S-01314S-003 
01A-1001, 03A-1002, 04A-1002
5 Conflicts of interest for multiple members of a public body 01S-011, 03S-00803S-013, 04S-002, 06S-014 ,  14S-001, 14S-002 02A-1007, 12A-1003
6 Class exception 97S-005, 98S-005, 98S-019, 98S-039, 98S-040, 99S-007, 99S-032, 01S-018, 01S-020, 02S-003, 02S-012, 03S-013, 03S-018, 04S-004,
05S-003, 06S-012, 06S-016, 06S-02012S-001 ,  14S-001, 14S-00215S-004 
97A-1001, 98A-1002, 01A-100905A-1002, 07A-100112A-100312-1004, 14A-1001 
7 Gifts 98S-025, 98S-037, 99S-00400S-023, 02S-01610S-002 
09A-1006, 11A-1001, 16A-1002
8 Food, travel and lodging 97S-019, 98S-007, 01S-004,  02S-023, 02S-024, 02S-025, 03S-004, 03S-009, 03S-01910S-002
9 Outside employment by public officials 97S-003, 97S-007, 97S-009, 97S-013, 97S-015, 97S-016, 97S-025, 97S-030, 98S-002, 98S-006, 98S-026, 98S-038, 99S-005, 99S-027, 00S-018, 00S-022, 01S-008, 01S-017, 01S-021, 01S-023, 02S-002, 02S-009, 02S-017, 02S-021, 02S-032, 03S-005, 04S-006, 05S-00605S-01205S-014,06S-001,06S-017, 06S-021, 06S-023, 07S-003, 08S-00410S-001, 11S-00111S-002, 15S-002 02A-100202A-1004, 03A-1002, 03A-1003, 04A-1005, 06A-1003, 08A-1007, 09A-1002
10 Honoraria 98S-037, 99S-029,  10S-002 
11 Special rates or discounts given to public officials 97S-014, 97S-035, 98S-018, 02S-010, 02S-025, 02S-029, 02S-030, 03S-015, 04S-005, 06S-025, 07S-00509S-001, 10S-002, 10S-003 03A-1001, 11A-1001, 16A-1002
12 Special perks contained in benefits and compensation packages 98S-018, 01S-003, 01S-005, 01S-009, 01S-013, 02S-015, 03S-005, 03S-010, 05S-00709S-001, 13S-001,  14S-001, 14S-002 99A-1001, 01A-1007, 02A-1012, 05A-100512A-1001 
13 Payment of expenses for public official’s relative 97S-020, 99S-008, 02S-024, 03S-009, 03S-010, 03S-014, 05S-007, 15S-003 97A-1004, 05A-1005
15 Use of official position for personal financial gain

97S-011, 97S-016, 97S-017, 97S-028, 97S-031, 98S-003, 98S-006, 98S-017, 98S-018, 98S-030, 98S-033, 98S-03499S-004, 99S-006, 99S-014, 99S-017, 99S-018, 99S-019, 99S-028, 99S-030, 00S-001, 00S-004, 00S-010, 00S-014, 00S-020, 00S-025, 01S-001, 01S-003, 01S-006, 01S-009, 01S-013, 01S-014, 01S-015, 01S-016, 01S-019, 01S-021, 01S-025, 02S-005, 02S-006, 02S-008, 02S-009, 02S-010, 02S-011, 02S-012, 02S-014, 02S-015, 02S-016, 02S-017, 02S-020, 02S-021, 02S-022, 02S-023, 02S-024, 02S-025, 02S-027, 02S-029, 02S-031, 02S-032, 02S-033, 02S-034, 03S-001, 03S-003, 03S-005, 03S-008, 03S-009, 03S-010, 03S-012, 03S-017, 03S-019, 04S-005, 04S-00604S-011,  04S-012, 05S-006, 05S-010, 05S-012, 05S-01405S-015, 06S-001, 06S-00206S-00306S-00406S-007, 06S-00806S-009, 06S-010, 06S-017, 06S-023, 06S-024, 07S-001, 07S-006, 08S-004, 08S-005, 09S-001, 10S-001, 10S-002 
10S-003, 11S-001, 11S-00213S-001, 13S-002 ,  14S-001, 14S-00215S-001 ,  15S-002, 15S-003

97A-1004, 99A-1001, 01A-1006, 01A-100701A-1011, 02A-1004, 02A-1007, 02A-1012, 03A-1001, 03A-1002, 03A-100303A-100504A-100505A-100105A-1005, 06A-100206A-100106A-1002, 06A-1003, 08A-100709A-1002, 09A-1006,  12A-1001, 16A-1002
16 Public official conducting training for compensation from knowledge gained in the public position 97S-003, 97S-025, 99S-002, 02S-011 00A-1001 
19 Government entities and non-profits not operated for economic gain and by definition are not a "business" 97S-027, 98S-009, 98S-012, 98S-024, 98S-035, 99S-011, 99S-021, 02S-007, 06S-019, 14S-003, 15S-002 11A-1002, 06A-1002
20 Public officials as lobbyists 97S-02608S-007  02A-100609A-1002 
21 Public official competing for another public position 98S-001   
22 Annual Verified Statement of Economic Interest 97S-004, 99S-026, 02S-001, 06S-001 05A-1001,  06A-100413A-1002
23 Use of a public entities’ facilities, equipment, supplies, personnel and other resources by public officials 98S-004, 98S-029, 98S-030, 98S-034, 99S-025, 00S-017, 01S-010, 01S-015, 02S-002, 02S-017, 02S-020, 02S-022, 02S-032, 02S-034,
05S-007, 05S-012, 07S-001, 07S-00308S-004, 11S-001, 15S-001
98A-1004, 16A-1002
24 Member of a commission representing a client for a fee before the commission 05S-004, 06S-009, 13S-002
25 Membership in a certain business, industry or occupation is prerequisite to holding public position 00S-021 97A-1001 
26 Post employment restrictions 97S-010, 06S-007, 99A-1002, 01A-1005, 16A-1003
27 Prizes 97S-012, 98S-021, 98S-022, 99S-001, 99S-016, 99S-020, 99S-024, 00S-007, 03S-011,  
28 Rule of necessity 99S-004, 06S-002 ,  14S-001, 14S-002 11A-1002
29 Confidential information 00S-010, 03S-014, 05S-005  
30 Private contractors as public officials 98S-013, 01S-006, 10S-001, 15S-002 01A-1001
31 Lobbyist/Entity reporting requirements 01S-012 
32  Miscellaneous 06S-005  00A-1002

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