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Request Advice

Request Advice from the Ethics Commission

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission (OGEC) is an independent state agency that administers and enforces three areas of law, Oregon Government Ethics Law, Lobby Law, and Public Meetings Law. One of the core functions of OGEC is to provide guidance.  Advice given by the Commission or OGEC staff is based on the information and specific facts provided to OGEC.

Types of Advice

OGEC provides different forms of guidance on future or hypothetical events: Commission Advisory Opinion, Staff Advisory Opinion, Informational Letter of Advice, and Staff Advice.

Commission advisory opinions are issued by OGEC pursuant to ORS 171.776 and ORS 244.280. A public official or business with which a public official is associated shall not be liable under Oregon Government Ethics Law, Lobby Regulation Law, or Public Meetings Law for any actions or transaction carried out in accordance with this opinion. This opinion is limited to the facts set for in the request. Opinion numbers in our database contain an "A". The process to receive an advisory opinion is at least 60 days.

​Staff advisory opinions are informal opinions that addresses the application of Oregon Government Ethic law, Lobbying Regulation Law or Public Meetings Law only to the facts stated in the request. Any relevant information, which was not included by the requester of this opinion in the stated facts, could completely change the outcome of this opinion. Other laws or requirements may also apply.

These opinions do not exempt a public official from liability under the applicable law for any action or transaction carried out in accordance with the opinion. These opinions are the personal assessment of the executive director of OGEC. Opinion numbers in our database contains an "S". Staff opinions are usually issued within 30 days of the request.

The OGEC executive director provides advice and guidance on how the laws in OGEC's jurisdiction apply to specific situations. The informational letter of advice given restates the facts presented in the request. It also lists the relevant laws or regulations and how they apply. Informational letters advice in our database contains an "I". Letters are usually issued within 7 days of the request, depending on the volume of requests received.

Staff advice is responses from OGEC staff that address facts provided in the request and the application of the laws in OGEC's jurisdiction. This advice is offered in several formats, such as in person, by telephone, or by email.