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Public Records

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Oregon Government Ethics Commission Records

The public has the right to inspect and copy certain public records maintained by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission.

A request for copies of public records in the custody of the Oregon Government Ethics Commission (OGEC) may be made by submitting a written request or by using the OGEC Public Records Request form (PDF).  Please refer to the Public Request Form Instructions (PDF) before submitting your document.

Online Records

Advice & Opinions

View Advice

Search the Case Management System (CMS) for:

  • Advice and Opinions issued by the Commission or OGEC staff

Case Records

View Final Dispositions

Search the Case Management System (CMS) for:

  • Case Dispositions, the final result of cases before the Commission.

Filed Reports

View Public Records

Search the Electronic Filing System (EFS) records beginning in 2016 for:

OGEC Meeting Materials

OGEC posts agendas, meeting materials, and audio recordings of OGEC meetings on the Meetings page of our website.

Historical Information

Listed below are summaries of records and information from prior to the launch of EFS in 2016.  Some hard copy records may no longer be available because they have exceeded their retention period.  If you need help with any of these items, please call OGEC at 503-378-5105 or email

Record Type
Lobbyist Expenditures
Summary Year

Record Type
Lobbyist Client/ Employer Expenditures
Summary Year

Record Type
Statements of Economic Interest (SEI)
Summary Year

The OGEC is committed to transparency and improving access to public records by enhancing the way the agency maintains its records and standardizing the agency approach to requests for records.  View information about the OGEC Records Retention Schedule.