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Enforcement program

The Enforcement Program promotes building safety by ensuring businesses and individuals that work in specific construction trades comply with Oregon building code statutes, rules, and specialty codes. This includes ensuring businesses and individuals have the appropriate licenses.

Any citizen can file a complaint, or report of alleged violation, regarding a business or individual. The program addresses complaints through investigation and, if warranted, may recommend actions, civil penalties, or both.

Penalty matrix

The penalty matrix identifies penalties that may be assessed to businesses and individuals found to be in violation of building code statutes, rules, and specialty codes.

Penalty matrix - Approved March 2017

The matrix applies to violations in the following trades: boiler, electrical, elevator, manufactured dwelling/installer, plumbing, and mechanical. The matrix has been approved by the Electrical and Elevator Board, Board of Boiler Rules, State Plumbing Board, Mechanical Board, and Residential and Manufactured Structures Board.

For cases prior to March 7, 2017, this is the previous penalty matrix used.


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