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Accela Upgrade Information


Production upgrade now confirmed for the weekend of June 17, 2022

Accela, which includes Civic Platform (back office), ACA, Accela scheduling and inspector apps and the prod standby, will be unavailable beginning at 6 p.m. Friday evening, June 17 until Monday morning, June 20. Be sure to be logged out of Accela by 6 p.m. Friday, June 17.

Note: Monday, June 20, ePermitting and the ePermitting help desk will be closed in observance of the Juneteenth holiday. It is extremely important that you share the following information with your users ahead of the upgrade. If users don’t do the following, they may not be able to run reports and other functionality may be affected:

  • Internet Explorer is no longer supported and back office users should use Chrome or Edge.
  • Ensure that users are on the most current version of Chrome and/or Edge.
  • Clear your browser cache – this must be done selecting “For all time.” See instructions here:  (
  • Enable pop-ups even if you’ve previously enabled pop-ups. We’re finding that sometimes users will need to re-enable them when logging into the upgraded environment). Steps can be found in this article:
  • If users have multiple Chrome and/or Edge profiles, they will need to clear the browser cache and enable pop-ups for each profile.
  • For the best experience, use Accela with all windows maximized. For example: the Intake Form window. Otherwise, you may see truncated or squished fields when Accela windows are not maximized.

For information on some of the changes you can expect to see click here

*Important short-term change in Communication Manager functionality beginning June 15, 2022

On June 15th, Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer 11 desktop application. Some users may find that they can no longer use Internet Explorer at that time. Why this is important: the current production version of Accela relies on Silverlight for the ability to attach a document in Communication Manager.  Since Silverlight is not supported in Chrome or Edge natively, you will not be able to attach documents in Communication Manager between June 15th and the 20th (when the upgraded version has been installed) without taking some additional steps.

Microsoft Edge can be run in IE mode as a workaround:

  1. Open Website/Web App in Edge
  2. “Right-Click” the browsers tab
  3. Choose “Reload tab in Internet Explorer mode”
  4. Click on “Done” to enable IE Mode
  5. To exit, right click on browser tab and select “Exit tab from Internet Explorer mode”

After the upgrade, do not run Accela in IE mode. The upgraded version no longer requires the use of Silverlight so this won’t be an issue going forward. Post upgrade please use Chrome and or Edge.

The Staging environment upgrade will take place the week of June 20 immediately following the Production upgrade. During that time Staging will be unavailable.

Config environment has been upgraded effective May 2022 to Accela version 21.2.5 and is ready for users to jump in and take a look around

The ePermitting team continues to test (we’ve been testing since mid-March), submit bug tickets and do a few configuration tweaks to help make this upgrade/transition as smooth as possible. We will continue to update you with any new features and/or bugs that you will need to be aware of as you manage your day-to-day operations.

We encourage users to log into Config and take a look around. It should still look very familiar to you as there aren’t a lot of cosmetic changes. One thing you may notice is that non-list forms (Example: Record Search form) may look slightly different. Accela has a new form designer and all forms have been converted to the new designer which has caused the layout of some forms to change. We’ve been working on a subproject to update the forms that were broken or unusable by the conversion, to the new format.

Originally, we didn’t plan to push the updated forms out to Config and instead wait until the Production upgrade but ultimately felt that it would be worth the extra effort to push them out to Config for this round of testing. Even though we’ve “fixed” most of the forms in Config, some will still look slightly different than you’re used to. If you come across a form that is unusable (we tried to find them all), please let us know by submitting a ticket to the helpdesk along with screenshots (please note in the ticket that it related to version upgrade testing).

As you prepare to login and start poking around and/or do some testing (we hope you all will!), here is some information that will be helpful:

Edge and Chrome are now fully compatible and should be your go-to browsers for the Civic Platform (Accela back office). Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

Please make sure that you are on the most current version of Edge/Chrome and clear your browser cache (for all time) prior to logging into Config. This will give you the best experience. Enable pop-ups (even if you’ve previously enabled pop-ups. We’re finding that sometimes users will need to re-enable them when logging into the upgraded environment).

We very recently copied your production instance down to Config so you will have some fresh data to work with (there are a few agencies that were not copied due to the need to maintain the version currently in Config). When we copy from one environment to another we are not able to maintain the links to any documents that exist on the records. If you wish to do any testing with documents, please re-generate or upload a new document first.

Config environment URL:

Your user name and password should be the same as your production login.

Please note: we’ve found that when using Chrome/Edge, neither browser will notify you that CAPSLOCK is on when you’re trying to log in, so if you have trouble logging in, check first to make sure you don’t have it on. If you continue to have difficulty logging in, please submit a help desk ticket to

Now for the good stuff! Here are some changes that we think you should know about (we think you’ll really like some of these!):


Accela has a new login screen with seasonal backgrounds. Unfortunately, with the upgrade, we’ve lost the ability to post news on the login screen.



You can now search by the record type alias. This is the “nickname” for a record type instead of the longer 4 tier structure (think Residential Electrical vs. Building-Residential-Electrical-Comprehensive). This field will even let you do a partial search and does not require wildcards!



Paging through the record list now allows you to go directly to any specific page number (no longer limited to 10 page segments) and now shows an exact number of records. Please note that the greater number of pages you choose may increase the amount of time it takes to “move” to that page.



This version fixes a bug where the module dropdown disappeared after clicking on an alert. Now after clicking on an alert, the user will be able to see and use the module dropdown in the record list.


One of our biggest changes! When initiating a new record, you will now be presented with a new record type picker instead of the tree type picker you’ve been using:


You can click on the arrow in front of a category to expand it:

You can filter the list with this dropdown:upgrade22-6.png

You can type in part of the record name and it will display any matches:upgrade22-7.png


There is now an icon in the top upper right corner of the Intake form that will change the display of fields to fit the width of the monitor. This feature won’t make a difference to most users but for those using smaller monitors it may be helpful.  This feature only works when the intake form is maximized. It does not work for Renewal record types since they are not actual pop-ups in the browser but are instead imbedded in the browser and don’t have their own maximize button.



Clicking on an inspection link from the Summary tab of a record will now open that inspection in a separate space. Previously, the inspection would be opened in the same space and the user could not navigate back to the record without returning to the record list and reselecting it.




You can now attach a document to an adhoc email when sending from the Communications tab using Chrome and Edge.  Previously, attaching documents only worked in Internet Explorer.




When an inspection that is already assigned an inspector is rescheduled or scheduled, the inspector is wiped out on the scheduling screen.

For those agencies that use auto-assign, that information will not be auto-filled when rescheduling inspections.


This issue has been reported to Accela and they have added it to the Defect Queue but do not yet have a target version or date for the fix.

When rescheduling inspections, we suggest noting somewhere which inspector it should be rescheduled to prior to selecting “Reschedule”.


The refresh button in Workflow Supervisor throws an error. This has been reported to Accela as a bug.



When a user changes their password, the text on the labels is incorrect/missing. This has been reported to Accela as a bug.>

Here’s what it looks like in our current production version:


And here’s how it appears in the upgraded version: