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MHODS records search

Individuals can search manufactured home records and trip permits in MHODS by home record number, parcel number, address, owner, security interest, dealer, transporter and other contacts. Users do not have to create an account to perform a data search.

MHODS replaced the LOIS Manufactured Home Ownership Records System, which became inaccessible to users in late January 2017. All home-ownership documents that were housed in LOIS were transferred into MHODS.

If you are a homeowner, you can request that the state not disclose your home address to the general public if your personal safety or a family member’s safety is in danger, and you are able to provide document proof of this danger, or if you are a public safety officer. Individuals who do not want to disclose their address in MHODS should complete a Request for Confidential Address Protection application and attach any required documentation. The request should be processed at the BCD office in Salem. The office is located at 1535 Edgewater St. NW or mail the application to P.O. Box 14470, Salem, OR 97309-0404.


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