Manufactured home ownership

The LOIS Manufactured Home Ownership Records System houses ownership and related records for manufactured homes or structures sited in Oregon.

Generally, county assessment/taxation offices​ process manufactured home document transactions for their jurisdictions. Homeowners, title companies, dealers, and other individuals or businesses that need to record home ownership or related documents should contact their county assessor's office. Although the state administers the system, the division will not process a transaction unless it has first been submitted to a county.

Some homes may be exempt from manufactured home ownership laws and rules. Contact the county where the home is sited for exempt information.

Search manufactured home records

Search manufactured home records​ in the LOIS system (public read-only access permitted). Search by home identification number, HUD number, serial number, owner name, address, tax lot number, and other identifying information.

Instructions​ are available for using the public records search.

Access the LOIS system

The state allows counties, dealers, title companies, manufacturers, and lenders to directly access records and perform transactions in LOIS. Current registered users in Lois continue to have access, but new users are not being registered at this time because a new records system is in development.

User access to LOIS system​ ​*Note: Access using Internet Explorer browser if possible
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