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Ownership documents


Manufactured home document retrieval

Manufactured home ownership documents can be downloaded or emailed from the BCD website.

Get your manufactured home ownership documents.

Los documentos de propiedad de casas manufacturdas pueden ser descargados o enviados por correo electrónico desde el sitio web de BCD.

Obtenga los documentos de propiedad de su casa manufacturda.

Recording ownership documents

The Building Codes Division maintains a system that allows individuals to record ownership, security interests, and location for all manufactured homes that are sited in Oregon, but not deeded as “real property” per ORS 446.626 or otherwise exempt. Individuals should confirm only qualified manufactured homes are recorded.

Identification number: An important piece of information required for every manufactured home ownership filing is the identification number of the manufactured home. Most qualified manufactured homes are built to federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (HUD code) and will display a certification label or seal on the exterior of each transportable section. One example of this type of certification label is shown below; the manufactured home’s identification number can be found in the upper right corner of the certification label.

Example HUD tag

If a mobile home built before 1972 does not have a title pursuant to ORS 308.855 or 308.860 (1969 Replacement Part), a tax record showing that a person has paid the ad valorem tax assessment on the structure since 1972 is a document evidencing the person's ownership of the structure.

Submitting applications

Follow these directions when submitting applications for a manufactured home ownership-related transaction:

Step 1: Prepare the required forms and documents

Identify the forms and documents required for the ownership-related transaction. Most forms are available in a fillable pdf format and can be downloaded.

  • Every home ownership-related application requires a county notification form, regardless of the transaction. This document ensures there are no issues associated with the structure, such as delinquent taxes. The county assessment/taxation office where the new home will be sited or used home is currently sited must provide a valid tax certification. You must present a copy of the Manufactured Home Ownership Document Application to obtain the tax certification from the county office.
  • Depending on the transaction, additional forms or documents may be required. Applications that are not fully completed and signed will be returned without processing. View or download the Manufactured Home Ownership Document Transaction Guide for more information.

Note: Some manufactured homes may be exempt from ownership laws and rules per criteria outlined in ORS 446.626. Contact the county where the home is sited for more information.

Step 2: Submit the application

Options include:

  • Walk the application into a local county or state office. Some counties will process applications for local residents when signing the notification form. Fees will vary per county. Check this list of participating county assessment/tax offices. Note: This is the quickest way to process an application.
  • The following BCD offices also process walk-in applications:
    Salem Office - 1535 Edgewater St. NW, Salem, OR 97304, 503-378-4133, open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday
    Pendleton Office - 800 SE Emigrant Ave., Suite #360, Pendleton, OR 97801, 541-276-7814, open 8 a.m.-Noon; 1-4 p.m., Monday though Friday

  • Mail the application to BCD: Mail all forms, documents, and required fees to: Oregon Building Codes Division, P.O. Box 14470, Salem, OR 97309-0404. If using FedEx or UPS, please use the Salem Edgewater Street NW address above, not the P.O. Box.
  • Fax the application to BCD at 503-947-2333, a secure fax line. Fax all forms and documents, and complete the credit card information for fee processing.
  • Upload the application electronically into MHODS: Apply online to MHODS, the state’s manufactured home records system; upload forms and documents, and pay fees by credit card. Learn more about using MHODS or go directly to the MHODS website.

After submitting the application, allow at least two to three weeks for processing before inquiring about its status. Reminder: Review forms and documents to ensure they are fully completed prior to submission; incomplete applications will be returned.

Step 3: Receive the new or amended ownership documents

After the transaction is processed, you will receive new or updated ownership documents in the U.S. mail.

Oregon no longer issues certificates of title for manufactured homes, but rather provides ownership documents that reflect all owners and security interests recorded as of the date the documents were printed.

Please review your new documents to ensure all transactions were accurately processed and recorded. If there is an error, please email a corrected copy to or mail to Oregon Building Codes Division, P.O. Box 14470, Salem, OR 97309-0404.