Manufactured home ownership

Register as a user in MHODS

Individuals will need to provide a username, password, and contact information to establish an online account in MHODS. After creating an account, only a username and password is required to log on.

Unlike the LOIS system, each registered user in MHODS​ must have a different email address, so businesses cannot have multiple individuals associated with one email address or one login.  

Access the MHODS website at​. Users are encouraged to bookmark the website for future transactions.

Complete and upload applications 

Depending on the type of ownership-related transaction, users will need to complete and upload specific application forms (in addition to other required documents) electronically in MHODS. 

Download our helpful Manufactured Home Ownership Document Transaction Guide which includes embedded links to website forms.​​​​​​​​

A County Manufactured Home Notification/Certification Form (5158/5159) is required with every submitted application in MHODS. Users must have the county assessment/taxation office ​in the county where the new home will be sited or the used home is currently sited complete this form (note: a few counties prefer not to sign form 5158/5159 and instead provide individuals with their own form/signature page, which can then be attached to form 5158/5159 in the MHODS application). 

No transaction submitted (including a trip permit request) can be approved without form 5158 or 5159. Depending on whether the home is new or used, choose the appropriate form:

​​​In addition, a completeManufactured Home Bill of Sale/Change Application must be submitted to establish new home ownership or to change/transfer ownership of a used home.​ Additional forms are available for a variety of other ownership-related transactions.

Note: Some manufactured homes may be exempt from manufactured home ownership laws and rules. Contact the county where the home is sited for exempt information.​

​Pay required fees

​​When submitting applications to MHODS, all fees must be paid by credit card. 

Users who want to pay fees by check can print applications from MHODS or from the forms and applications webpage on the Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD) website, and submit them in person (walk in) or via the U.S. mail to a BCD office in Salem, Pendleton, or Coos Bay. Users may also submit applications to some participating counties​

Receive new or amended ownership documents

After the transactions are processed and approved, users will receive copies of new or updated ownership documents via the U.S. mail.​ 

Note: If you submit an incomplete application, the state may contact you for additional information or return your documents to you for further action. Please allow at least two to three weeks for processing after submitting an application online or via the U.S. mail before making any inquiries regarding the status of the application.

Search records in MHODS

Individuals can search manufactured home records and trip permits​ in MHODS by home record number, parcel number, address, owner, security interest, dealer, transporter and other contacts. Individuals do not have to establish an account in MHODS to perform a data search. All home-ownership documents that were housed in LOIS were transferred into MHODS..

If you are a homeowner, you can request that the state not disclose your home address to the general public if your personal safety or that of a family member is in danger and you are able to provide document proof of this danger, or if you are a public safety officer. Individuals who do not want to disclose their home address should complete a Request for Confidential Address Protection application.​​​​​



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