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Fire Hardening Grant Program

If your home or business was lost or damaged in a wildfire during the year 2020, you may be eligible to receive grant money for fire hardening of your home or business.

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Si su casa o negocio se perdió o resultó dañado en un incendio forestal durante el año 2020, puede ser elegible para recibir dinero de el programa de apoyo para proteger su hogar o negocio en caso de incendios.

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What is the grant program?

Local counties and the Department of Consumer and Business Services are coordinating to create a fire hardening grant program to assist people impacted by the 2020 wildfires. The program will provide money directly to home and business owners who receive a grant to help pay for fire hardening of a structure that was damaged or destroyed by the fire. We hope home and business owners will take the opportunity to apply for grant money to assist with fire hardening. The goal is to provide this money to all eligible persons.

What is fire hardening and why is it important?

Fire hardening describes steps that can be taken to make a home or business more resistant to damage from a wildfire, such as using materials for siding and/or roofing that resist ignition during a wildfire, installing fire resistant windows to protect openings, or using attic ventilation devices that help reduce ember intrusion.

Fire hardening, along with creating defensible space, decreases the likelihood that a nearby fire will ignite your structure, and it reduces the potential for damage. Fire hardening makes the community more resistant to the spread of wildfire. By slowing down a fire, it may create additional time and opportunity for emergency responders to protect life and property threatened by the fire.

Development and implementation rulemaking events

The development and implementation of the Fire Hardening Grant Program is accomplished through the division's rulemaking process.


Dec. 7, 2021 - Rulemaking advisory committee (RAC)


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