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Grant County services

Building department services


The local building department provides permit services for Grant County. All applications for permits are submitted to the Grant County office, or submitted online.

Purchase building permits and schedule inspections online.

Plan review and inspections

The division provides plan review and inspection services for Grant County. Inspections are coordinated by the county and are arranged by appointment. Please contact Grant County to schedule an inspection.

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Grant County Office

201 S Humbolt St., Ste. 170
Canyon City, OR 97820

Hours: Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to noon or 1 to 5 p.m.

Important ready-build plan information

The majority of ready-build plans currently posted are outdated and were originally designed using prior iterations of the state building code. The division is currently considering replacing the existing plans with updated designs. If a local building official chooses to allow the use of an outdated ready-build plan prepared under previously effective codes, they are responsible for verifying that it is in compliance with the currently adopted codes and any site-specific conditions. Accounting for any necessary compliance review time regarding the local allowance of the outdated plans is subject to local policies and procedures, as further established by the building official.