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The CJC Research Department also acts as the State of Oregon Statistical Analysis Center (SAC). As the Oregon SAC, the CJC is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting public safety and criminal justice related statistics to Federal, State, and local levels of government, as well as facilitating the sharing of state-level information nationally. The information produced by SACs and their involvement in criminal justice projects has been and will continue to be critical to local, state, and Federal criminal justice agencies and community organizations as they develop programs and policies related to crime, illegal drugs, victim services, and the administration of justice. SACs are found across the nation in 51 states and territories.

The Oregon SAC receives support both in the form of state funds as well as grants from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Given the dual sources of funding, the SAC engages in research designed to inform Federal BJS efforts and analyses, while also fulfilling several statutory responsibilities mandated by the Oregon Legislature.

Racial and Ethnic Impact Statements:

Under ORS 137.685, the CJC is required to prepare racial and ethnic impact statements for proposed measures related to crime if such a request is made by a member of the Legislative Assembly from each major political party.

Fiscal Impacts and Policy Analysis:

Under ORS 173.029, the CJC is required to prepare fiscal impact analyses for the Legislative Fiscal Office describing the fiscal impact that a proposed measure would have over the next ten years. In practice, this most often applies to the creation of new crimes and/or the modification of sentencing or state corrections policies.

Legislatively Mandated Reporting:

During most legislative sessions, the Oregon Legislature requires the CJC to study various laws, policies, and programs within the state’s criminal justice system. These reports can be found on our publications page.

SAC Grant Publications:

The Oregon SAC applies for funding from BJS to support SAC functions annually. As part of this process, the SAC produces reports on issues important to BJS. To view the reports prepared pursuant to SAC grants, please see our Publication Page.

Inquiries regarding the Oregon SAC or its reports should be sent to the SAC Director, Kelly Officer.