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Fleet Vehicle Miles Traveled

Vehicle Use and Miles Traveled By Vehicle Type, 2019-2022

This metric includes total vehicle miles traveled across the enterprise, broken down by vehicle type used (fossil fuel vehicles, hybrids, PHEVs and ZEVs).  Also shown are vehicle miles traveled reported by individual agencies, by vehicle type.

The DAS Statewide Fleet Policy directs agencies to reduce the need for vehicle travel by using virtual meeting technology, justification of travel needs, pooling of trips and other methods that allow effective delivery of services while minimizing vehicle emission impacts.

Agencies use light duty fleet vehicles for a variety of functions, from attending meetings to conducting field work, maintaining facilities and serving Oregonians on site. 

By reducing vehicle miles traveled, agencies can reduce fossil fuel use and associated GHG emissions, lower fuel costs and reduce wear and tear on vehicles. 

In accordance with Oregon law, seven agencies report to DAS every biennium vehicle miles traveled for their owned light duty fleet vehicles. Data for DAS includes the statewide light duty fleet the agency rents out to other agencies for use. 

Over the four-year reporting period, some agencies, like Oregon State Police, saw relatively constant or slightly increased vehicle miles traveled, while others such as DAS reported decreased VMT due to increased remote work and virtual meetings during the Covid pandemic. Blank years mean the agency did not report miles traveled to DAS for that year. 

While some vehicle travel is necessary for agency functions, other travel may be discretionary. For example, during the Covid pandemic when many state employees worked remotely, agencies significantly increased virtual meetings in place of travel to face-to-face meetings.