Foster Care

​​​Live, 24-hour access to support specialists from anywhere in Oregon 

Oregon foster parents now can get the guidance they need, when they need it, from trained experts through the new Foster Parent ​Support Line. The Support Line is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in Oregon.

The free service is provided by the Oregon Department of Human Services in partnership with 211info

Foster parents can connect with 211info staff specifically recruited and trained to be foster family support specialists by:

The Foster Parent Support Line is an on-call, compassionate resource for advice, referrals and crisis intervention, especially when DHS offices are closed. Foster parents can access help on a wide range of topics including:

  • Parenting support
  • Child development
  • Behavioral challenges
  • Transitioning youth out of foster care
  • Community resources
  • DHS foster parent roles and responsibilities
  • Contacting DHS caseworkers and certifiers

The Foster Parent Support Line also offers a growing list of free and affordable activities across the state for foster families.

Although the Support Line does not substitute for 911 or the Child Abuse Hotline, staff will screen calls for safety issues and route them to the appropriate place. (See the Foster Parent Support Line Flow Chart.) The Support Line staff also connect daily with DHS staff in local offices to make sure all have current information about the needs of children in DHS care and any necessary follow-up steps are taken.​​​