Aidan Senior Living at Reedsport - License1053783595
Avamere at Three Fountains - License1989829658
Avamere Court at Keizer - License1226497888
Avamere Crestview of Portland - License1471355616
Avamere Health Services Rogue Valley - License1109478175
Avamere Rehab of Beaverton - License1293621301
Avamere Rehab of Coos Bay - License1482845782
Avamere Rehab of Eugene - License1166740536
Avamere Rehab of Hillsboro - License1827380954
Avamere Rehab of Junction City - License1465435206Avamere Rehab of Junction City License Maintains 2019
Avamere Rehab of King City - License1886621414Avamere Rehab of King City - License Maintains
Avamere Rehab of Lebanon - License1336561560Avamere Rehab of Lebanon License Maintains 2019
Avamere Rehab of Newport - License1563671290Avamere Rehab of Newport License Maintains 2019
Avamere Rehab of Oregon City - License1603359400
Avamere Rehabiliation of Clackamas1886837183
Avamere Riverpark of Eugene - License1289100289
Avamere Transitional Care at Sunnyside - License1174949288
Avamere Twin Oaks of Sweet Home - License1643449007
Bend Transitional Care - License1673992394Bend Transitional Care License Maintains 2019
Blue Mountain Care Center - License1392986476Blue Mountain License Maintains 2020
Cascade Manor - License1658733546
Cascade Terrace Nursing Center - License1294196724
Chehalem Health and Rehab Center - License1075023829Chehalem Health & Rehab License Maintains 2019
Clatsop Care Center - License1956325768Clatsop Care License Maintains 2020
Coast Fork Nursing Center - License1230648219Coast Fork License Maintains 2019
Columbia Basin Care Facility - License1205562829
Columbia Care Center - License1779383241Columbia Care Center License Maintains 2019
Cornerstone Care Option - License1975104927
Corvallis Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center - License9151811876Corvallis Manor License Maintains 2020
Creekside Rehabilitation and Nursing1338421046
Creswell Health and Rehab Center - License1708826600
Dallas Retirement Village Health Center - License1990795313
East Cascade Retirement Community - License1616704284East Cascade Retirement License Maintains 2020
East Portland Care Center - License1017493844East Portland Care Center License Maintains 2019
EmpRes Hillsboro Health and Rehab Center - License1001406013
Fernhill Estates - License1780937313
Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center - License1713626682
French Prairie Nursing and Rehab Center - License7352200878Frecnh Prairie License Maintains 2020
Friendship Health Center - License1234824776
Gateway Care and Retirement Center - License1559135078Gateway Care and Retirement Center - License Maintains
Glisan Care Center - License1594137846
Good Samaritan - Eugene Village - License1163952112Good Samaritan - Eugene Village - License Maintains 2019
Good Samaritan Society - Curry Village - License1034245789Good Samaritan - Curry Village - License Maintains 2019
Good Samaritan Society - Fairlawn Village - License1426444470Good Samaritan Society - Fairlawn Village - License Maintains
Gracelen Terrace Long-Term Care Facility - License1363225817Greacelen Terrace License Maintains 2019
Green Valley Rehab Health Center - License1218999206
Gresham Post Acute Care and Rehabilitation1886379419Gresham Post Acute Care and Rehab License Maintains 2020
Healthcare at Foster Creek - License1600506066
Hearthstone Nursing and Rehab Center - License8420377033
Highland House Nursing & Rehab Center - License3961033477
Hillside Heights Rehab Center - License1902698337
Holladay Park Plaza - License1136943995
Hood River Care Center - License1794582544Hood River Care Center - License Maintains
Independence Health and Rehab Center - License1240315675Independence Health and Rehab Center - License Maintains
LaGrande Post Acute Rehab - License1825618921LaGrande Post Acute License Maintains 2019
Lakeview Gardens, LLC - License1676495074Lakeview Gardens License Maintains 2019
Laurel Hill Nursing Center - License1939388453Laurel Hill Nursing Center - License Maintains
Laurelhurst Village Rehab Center - License1969764350Laurelhurst Village - License Maintains 2020
Lebanon Veterans Home - License1442074000
Life Care Center of Coos Bay - License1381165265Life Care Center of Coos License Maintains 2020
Life Care Center of McMinnville - License1384158908
Linda Vista Nursing and Rehab Center - License1139170229Linda Vista Nursing and Rehab Center - License Maintains
Marquis Autumn Hills Memory Care - License1346386432
Marquis Centennial - License1518779932Marquis Centennial License Maintains 2019
Marquis Forest Grove - License1919259964
Marquis Hope Village - License1537288844
Marquis Marian Estates - License1871837793
Marquis Mill Park - License1999928711
Marquis Mt. Tabor - License1500702917
Marquis Newberg - License1208336829
Marquis Oregon City Post Acute Rehab - License1623246371
Marquis Piedmont Post Acute Rehab - License1594704269Marquis Piedmont License Maintains 2019
Marquis Plum Ridge Post Acute Rehab - License1113750636Marquis Plum Ridge License Maintains 2019
Marquis Springfield - License1828528284Marquis SpringField - License Maintains 2020
Marquis Tualatin - License1031577706
Marquis Vermont Hills - License1490484892
Marquis Wilsonville Post Acute Rehab - License1830207466Marquis Wilsonville License Maintains 2019
Mary's Woods at Marylhurst - License1509441554
Maryville Nursing Home - License1687052308
Meadow Park Health and Specialty Care Center - License1065711617
Mennonite Home - License1795051216Mennonite Home License Maintains 2020
Milton Freewater Health and Rehab Center - License1368282496
Mirabella Portland - License1498928248
Molalla Manor Care Center - License1546901881
Myrtle Point Care Center - License1704525231Myrtle Point License Maintains 2020
Nehalem Valley Care Center - License1389919459Nehalem Valley Care Center License Maintains 2019
Oregon City Health Care Center - License1276052355Oregon City License Maintains 2019
Oregon Veterans' Home - License1573569714
Pacific Health and Rehabilitation - License1205562770
Park Forest Care Center - License1263653278
Pearl at Kruse Way - License1963886081Pearl at Kruse Way - License Maintains 2019
Pilot Butte Rehabilitation Center - License1420940875Pilot Butte License Maintains 2019
Pioneer Nursing Home - License1644935070
Porthaven Healthcare Center - License1087536036
Portland Health and Rehabilitation Center - License1395692050
Presbyterian Community Care Center - License1383280336
Prestige Care and Rehabilitation of Menlo Park - License1657528101
Prestige Care and Rehabilitation of Reedwood - License1169826686Prestige Reedwood License Maintains 2019
Prestige Post Acute Rehab Center Milwaukie - License1296108424
Prestige Post-Acute and Rehabilitation Center - McMinnville - License1947033106
Providence Benedictine Nursing Center - License1952698766
Providence Child Center - License1700250565
Regency Albany - License1602774321
Regency Care of Central of Oregon - License1033894836
Regency Care of Rogue Valley - License1802745997
Regency Florence - License1433402478
Regency Gresham Nursing and Rehab Center - License1704292415
Regency Hermiston Nursing and Rehab Center1505463361
Regency Prineville Rehab Nursing Center - License1490957140
Regency Redmond Rehabilitation and Nursing Center - License1681575953Regency Redmond License Maintains 2019
Robison Jewish Health Center - License1412456988
Rogue Valley Manor - License1373760401
Rose Haven Nursing Center - License3204895892
Rose Linn Care Center - License1687688871Rose Linn License Maintains Letter 2019
Rose Villa Senior Living - License1352498888Rose Villa License Maintains Letter 2019
Royale Gardens Health and Rehab Center - License1362172960Royale Gardens License Maintains 2019
Salem Transitional Care - License1078652381
Secora Rehabilitation of Cascadia - License1758510767
Sheridan Care Center - License1550701319Sheridan Care Center License Maintains 2019
South Hills Rehabilitation Center - License4872321805South Hills Rehabilitation Center
The Dalles Health and Rehab Center - License1317989527The Dalles HR License Maintains 2019
The Oaks at Sherwood1786556421Oaks at Sherwood License Maintains 2020
Tierra Rose Care Center - License1897786437
Timberview Care Center - License1568111597
Umpqua Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center - License8924042482Umpqua Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center License Maintains 2020
Valley West Health Care Center - License1815068542Valley West License Maintains 2019
Village at Hillside - License1813575386
Village Health Care - License1892601965
Village Manor - License1044960617Village Manor License Maintains 2019
West Hills Health and Rehabilitation - License1606197535
Willamette View Health Center - License1523228883
Willowbrook Terrace - License1743633686
Windsor Health and Rehab Center - License1873152135

* Indicates that a memo may be used to authorize the nursing facility license beyond the expiration date.