​​​​​The program was initiated based on the Nursing Facility Governors Commission Report of 2006, which concluded that enforcing minimum levels of nursing assistants was an important step in maximizing the quality of care and life for nursing facility residents. 

The commission prescribed a minimum standard of 2.46 Hours per Resident Day Nursing (HPRD) which was converted to a nursing assistant to resident ratio on each shift.

On August 24, 2021, Nursing Facility Certified Nursing Assistant staffing rules were temporarily revised due to Oregon’s statewide hospital capacity crisis. 

Temporary Oregon Administrative Rules for Certified Nursing Assistants OAR 411-086-0100(c)

Oregon Administrative Rule: 411-086-0100

Nursing facilities are required to submit a quarterly report with staffing data to the department. Facilities are to post the Direct Care Staff Daily Report which shows the actual number of nursing staff on each shift to provide care to residents and post the Nursing Assistant (NA) Staff Ratio Chart which translates the ratio into the minimum number of nursing assistants required on each shift based on the census of the facility.


Guide Questions

Nursing Assistant Staffing Program Guide - Instructions for filing and completion of Nursing Assistant Staffing Quarterly Report


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