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​​​Oregon's Nursing Facilities are licensed by the Oregon Department of Human Services. Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 411, Divisions 073 and 085 through 089 define general licensing standards and requirements for license renewal, change of ownership, change of operator, new construction and initial licensure.

Nursing Facility License Application and Renewal

The nursing facility annual license renewal process is tied-in with the facility Recertification and Survey process. Renewal materials and licensing fees are always due in accordance with the most recent expiration date listed on the current Nursing Facility License. 

Because of fluctuating survey intervals, this can sometimes mean that there is a period between the license expiration and the survey visit. Please refer to OAR 411-085-0010 to understand the responsibility facilities have to ensure renewal documents and fees are submitted at least 45 days prior to the license expiration date. 

If the facility’s annual recertification survey has not occurred prior to the license expiration date, your license continues to be valid, only if you have submitted the necessary forms and paid the licensing fee. If the facility needs documentation showing the facility license is still active after submitting the application and fee, please contact our office at to request a license maintains letter. The facility renewal license will be issued within 60 days of the date that the survey team determines the provider is back in substantial compliance with all federal and state requirements.

License Renewal Materials:

Additional Licensing Actions: