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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


The Stabilization and Crisis Unit (SACU), a 24-hour crisis residential program, operates under the guidance of the Oregon Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Disabilities.Map showing SACU homes along the I-5 corridor in Oregon

We serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), often with co-occurring mental health issues, whose support needs exceed the supports offered or provided by community-based residential programs. Individuals may come from family homes, other community programs, legal institutions or hospital settings. These individuals often enter SACU in crisis, and over time, we work to stabilize and transition them to lower level of care with the goal of reintegrating them into community-based settings. 

SACU operates group homes along the I-5 corridor from Portland to Eugene, serving about 100 individuals. Each home offers varying levels of environmental supports and modifications. This allows SACU to provide services that range from intense crisis-level support needs to lower levels of care that more closely match what is available in community-based placements. This variety offers flexibility to provide person-centered and individualized supports specifics to each need.

SACU’s Direct Support Crisis Staff are well trained and have resources and tools to support people living at SACU. Those resources include specific plans on how to best support a person in crisis. Staff exhaust those options before calling for support from emergency services.

Supports offered: 
  • Health and medical supports
  • Nursing supports
  • Behavioral supports
  • Crisis outreach supports
  • Counseling supports
  • Psychological supports
  • Personal hygiene
  • Recreation and leisure supports
  • Community integration
  • Building social skills
  • Life skills training
  • Educational supports
  • Budgeting and financial supports

Supports not offered:
  • Mandate that individuals live in our homes
  • Force medication compliance
  • Administer psychotropic PRN (as needed) medications
  • Use any pain compliance techniques
  • Use of any physical techniques outside of the Oregon Intervention System

Program employees serving adults and/or children with developmental disabilities are Mandatory Reporters of abuse and neglect. (ORS 43.765)

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SACU Administrative Offices

4760 Portland Rd N, Ste 102
Salem, OR 97302

Office: (503) 378-5952
Fax: (503) 378-5917

Sierra Rawson, Director

Bryan Wier, Deputy Director

Cindy Duran, Nurse Manager

Winston Brown, ​Regional Oversight​Manager​​

Aaron Hall, Clinical Services Manager