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Seniors and People with Disabilities

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The Oregon LGBTQ+ Older Adult Survey was conducted in 2021 with results announced on Sept. 14, 2021. ​​""
The survey invited adults age 55 and older  ̶  who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, Two Spirit and non-binary as well as sexual or gender diverse (LGBTQ+)   ̶  to provide detailed feedback ongaps, needs, and barriers to accessing supports for Oregon's LGBTQ+ older adults. Survey participants were also asked to highlight strengths within the state's various LGBTQ+ communities. 

Learn about the report​

 Report by Karen I. Fredriksen ​Goldsen, Hyun-Jun Kim, Charles P. Hoy-Ellis, Hailey H. Jung, Adam Davis, Charles A. Emlet​

Our goal is to provide everyone with materials in their language and that the materials are respectful of culture and community. Please let us know if there are concerns with this translation (translations of this statement​).

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