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Major Duties and Working Conditions
  • continuously interact with inmates, provide positive reinforcement when appropriate, and role model appropriate behavior;
  • prepare and write a variety of reports regarding inmate conduct and other institutional issues;
  • restrain violent inmates, lift and carry injured inmates, sight and fire weapons, continually walk cell blocks, perform cell extractions and searches;
  • enter and retrieve of information using a computer;
  • conduct inmate body searches that include; inspecting naked inmates for contraband hidden in various parts of the body and taking urine samples; distinguishing distant emergency whistles: listen for whispers and conversations at a distance, and react instantly and appropriately to emergencies;
  • share the mission, vision, and core values of the department;
  • role-model pro-social behavior and attitudes that convey dignity and respect in the treatment of others and acknowledge that everyone is capable of positive change;
  • prohibited from smoking at all work sites;
  • must perform shift work in a 24-hour, 7 day a week operation, with night shifts, weekends, holidays and overtime as required;
  • may be required to use reasonable force, including firearms and other emergency equipment in the performance of duties or during a disturbance or other emergency situations;
  • occasionally deal with verbal abuse, threats to self and family and other forms of harassment from inmates, and work unarmed and sometimes alone in the midst of inmates;
    supervise inmates in a variety of housing and work environments that may include open showers and toilet facilities;
  • adhere to the uniform code of the specific duty station; must remain constantly alert and observant throughout the shift even if on an isolated post or job where nothing happens for long periods of time;
  • report to duty regularly and on time to specified locations; maintain a pattern of dependability;
  • have the physical capacity to perform instant and/or sustained arduous physical activity;
  • may operate an institution vehicle to transport incarcerated inmates.